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Museum wigwags/Goleta
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2 wigwags can be found at the Orland Fairgrounds. Orland is about 100 miles north of Sacramento off highway 5.

David Epling sends in these photos of the two. If you look closely, you will see something that is not common on
wigwags. They both sport a wind stabilizer. I've only seen photos of these, and until now thought none existed anymore.
The wind stabilizer is the disk that is mounted above the armature and looks like an upper quadrant wigwag. These
were used in windy locations to help keep the banner centered when not in use. They were most commonly painted silver,
though some were painted like the banner itself, with a white background and black "X". These may have been painted
red as well when the banner was painted the same color.

Besides the 2 wigwags, they also have SP Caboose #432, SP Orland Depot, Semaphore complete
with interlocking setup, SP Steam Locomotive 2852.
And the little 15" gauge Live Steam Train Orland Newville & Pacific Railroad is there also.

Photos and display info by David Epling (4/02)


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