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Museum wigwags/Rio Vista
Western Railway Museum
Rio Vista Junction

The Western Railway Museum is located at Rio Vista Junction, off Highway 12 between Fairfield and Rio Vista Ca.
They currently have two wig wags, but they seem to be on "static display" only. I've yet to see them operating.
One is an "upper quadrant" signal, while the other is a classic Southern Pacific style wig wag, complete with original box and mast.

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This is the wig wag that protects the driveway to the parking lot. This is a good example of a
complete signal with original mast. Note the extremely rare "Stop When Swinging" sign attached.

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I finally located the pictures that I took of the other wigwag. It's an upper quadrant wigwag with a set of rare cast iron crossbucks.
I don't know if they have this one hooked up yet, but when I last visited, it was not working.
Bridge unit # 182 passes through the crossing.


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