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Museum wigwags/WCRA - Squamish
Squamish, BC
West Coast Railway Museum

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Union Switch and Signal "Automatic Flagman" at the Squamish Railway Museum.
Photo by Michael Bellefontaine - 2008

Michael Bellefontaine who works in signal and communication service for Canadian Pacific, sends us the following info and photo of this find in Squamish, B.C.:
I was looking at your section on Wig-Wags in Museums and
remembered where one is that you don't have mentioned. I took a
so-so picture of it this summer at the Squamish rail museum
(West Coast Railway Assc.) in British Columbia. It is located
aproximently a half hour to forty minutes north of Vancouver on the way
to the famed 'Whistler' ski resort. The 2010 Winter Olympics are being held
next year in both Whistler and Vancouver. Unfortunately, the museum isn't
open in the winter but they might make an exception during that time.

Here is the website for the museum; 


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