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Museum wigwags/Travel Town
Travel Town
Griffith Park
L.A., CA.

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Photo by Pete Mauriello (1/01)

Travel Town is located in Griffith Park in Los Angeles.  They have a collection of a variety of equipment that is statically displayed. They have quite a few cool steamers that could have been restored.  All are the small to medium size range compared to some of the large restorations from the past few years.  Some passenger cars and a few diesels. They are also home to the PE "Electra", a one of a kind box cab electric switcher and home of the fourth and last PE Blimp.

The wigwag pictured above has been painted into a slightly modified version of the original 1920's black and white paint scheme (SP). Variations (that I know of) are the red bell and the word "STOP" is painted in a horizontal fashion rather than curved around the bottom portion of the banner. A crossbuck has been added to the mast. No history was given on this wigwag, but judging by the adjustable type lens, I would guess this was originally owned by UPRR.

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Above 3 photos by Steve Crise (6/01)

During restoration...

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Travel Town wigwag during restoration.
Paul Krot photo (8/00)


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