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Magnetic Signal Company Catalogue

Here are some highlights from the original Wigwag parts catalogue dated 1940.
Lots of great detail drawings and parts information. If you own or maintain a
Wigwag signal, these are quite useful.

This is part of the original catalogue put out by Magnetic Signal
Company. These were reproduced by former SP signal maintainer Jim Downard. Jim
has made more copies, so if you want one, email him. They are $15.

If you have any tech questions about wigwags, feel free to email Jim Downard.
 Click here to see Jim at work in 1974!

The following images were scanned at a high resolution so you can actually read the text on the pages.
As a result, they will take a minute to load.

Model 3 Cantilever Bracket Type

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This one was pretty standard on Southern Pacific. The "classic" Wigwag signal most of us are familiar with.

Model 10 Type

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This style was most commonly used on Santa Fe crossings. They normally mounted cross-bucks above the cantilever and
added "stop on red signal" or "stop when swinging" signs to them. Click here to see one of these in Emeryville Ca.

Wigwag Banner--- lower quadrant.

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This was the most common banner used. They had other options available, including adjustable lights and upper quadrant banners.

Wiring Diagram
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This diagram is for the adjustable beam signals, including a flasher circuit for flashing light option.


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