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Chile Wigwags

San Felipe

Above 2 photos by John Ingham (2004)

While on a trip tp Chile in early 2004, John Ingham spotted this US&S DW flagman in San Felipe, Chile. This is about 50-100 miles north of Santiago. Very complete signal with original US&S "Teardrop" style bell.

San Bernardo
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Wigwag on a level (grade) crossing at San Bernardo South of Santiago de Chile, with gates closed.

Photo by Patrick Rudin of Horgen Switzerland, 1996

Contributor Samuel Rachdi adds the following information:

"This is wig wag is still in operation at San Bernardo (18 kmk or 10 miles South of the capital Santiago). It is the main line to the south of  Chile. The line is double track, electrified and has broad gauge of 1676 mm (or 5´6"). There up to 30 commuter and 10 long-distance passenger trains a day passing at San Bernardo and about half a dozen freighters. There some more similar level-crossings in Chile where wig-wags are supplementary to manually operated gates as shown in this pictures. If I ever will get another picture or any other information I will send it to you. One country I could believe should also have (or at least in the past) some wig-wags may be Cuba because this railways have been operated mostly under US rules at least untill 1959."


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