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Martinez Wigwag Detail Shots
Martinez    (Marina Vista)

This wigwag once protected a private crossing off Marina Vista Rd in Martinez. It was finally removed on 5/1/0, ending an era of SP lower quadrant wigwags in the immediate San Francisco Bay Area.

In 1986...
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Amtrak's "San Joaquin" train passes the last Martinez wigwag in 1986.
Note the F-40 and older amfleet equipment.
Notice that the wigwag still has it's original style banner here
(with the exception of the rubber "flex-pipe" modification).

and 2000...
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On 4/18/00, while on my way out to catch the Pittsburg wigwag in action,
I stopped by the Martinez wigwag just in time to catch the southbound
#716 San Joaquin powered by "reserve" F-40 231. Lucky day!

Detail Pictures
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In action...April 5, 1999.
On August 24th, 1999 I decided to take a trip out to Martinez and get some detail shots of the Martinez wigwag, since this is the last lower quadrant SP wigwag left in the SF Bay Area (excluding museums and Santa Cruz/Watsonville). I got some close ups of the reproduction banner. They are quite different from the original ones. Notice Martinez/Benicia Bridge in background of first picture (through tunnel).
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Close up of "Van Dyke" repro banner.

All photos this page by Dan Furtado


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