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Switzerland Wigwags

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This picture was sent in by Samuel Rachdi of Switzerland. I'll
let him tell the story in his own words:

"Here I forward you one of the promised pictures of a Swiss wig-wag, it is this one which was installed at Samstagern (located South of Zurich Lake) on the Swiss Southeastern Railroad. A second one was also on this private rail line. Two other wig-wags have been in use on level-crossings on lines of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), one of which was located a few miles East of the city of Rapperswil (on Zurich Lake) on the Rapperswil-Uznach line. This 
wig-wag protected a small road leading to a monastery. The road and the monastery are still there, but later (after 1941 in any case) this wig-wag was replaced by a simple cross-buck, flashing lights and a bell. The picture added here, is the only one known of a Swiss wig-wag and has been forwarded to me from my friend Markus Vollack, from his archives."


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