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Feb, 2006
February, 2006

Joplin, Mo.
February 2006
Joplin, Mo.

Gordon Garrett sends this photo of what may be the only surviving US&S wigwag in the wild. Until now it was thought that  none existed except  in museums and private displays. While the photo was not taken recently (the building in the background  has since been demolished), Gordon visited this spot during mid January and testifies that the wigwag is still alive and well. This  is pretty big news and we hope  to have more photos of this rare beast soon. It is located on 3rd Street in Joplin, Mo. on the former Frisco line. Frisco was known for using this type of wigwag. Not only is this the last known US&S wigwag, it is also one of 2 wigwags left in Missouri. 

Photo by Gordon Garrett

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