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Signals known to still be in service
(Please email me if you know of others.)
San Jose, Ca
Oakland, Ca
Tacoma, Wa


Old Bayshore Hwy, San Jose, Ca.

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New updated pictures (above) sent in by Stan Praiswater. Both taken on 6/25/01. Pictured
is the ILCOA heading south on the Old Bayshore Highway crossing at MP15.14 on the
Warm Springs Subdivision in San José.

Detail photos:

2 signals
(former SP Millpitas line)
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Close up of north signal box.
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South signal
Note WRRS bell and 
replacement crossbucks.
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Front view of south signal.
I-880 can be seen in background.
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North signal. Note original 
style crossbucks. 
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Original type crossbucks on 
north signal. Notice that they are 
not as wide as newer ones. Letter
style is different as well.
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Side view of north signal. Notice the shape of the light housings. These 
are made special for this type of signal.
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San Jose photos by Dan Furtado  2/14/01

High St offramp/I-880, Oakland CA.

This signal was removed sometime in early 2001.

One of two signals remain at this industrial spur in Oakland, Ca. The other signal at this crossing was removed sometime during the last 10 years and replaced with a standard highway flasher.
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Tacoma, Wa.

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This set of signals can be found in downtown Tacoma on South D Street (west of the Tacoma Dome). They are located on a former Milwaukee Road line. Both signals have had their stop signs removed, as well as overhead lamps. Both still have their original crossbucks.
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Photos and info by Mike Schock (4/01)

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