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Griswold letters
Griswold Letters
March, 2002 - Present

Banner signals in Wisc...                         3/2/02

I know some places here in Wisconsin where there are Griswold
Rotating Banner Signals.  About 15 total I think.

*8 of them are active, but have had their stop signs removed.

*2 are on display at a Garden Center (who knows why) One with a
red/white stop sign, one without.

*1 is on display at a railroad club's caboose/tourist stop.  This one
still has the old black/yellow stop sign with reflective marbles.

*4 are on a recently abandoned line, no stop signs, but pretty good

There are also two or three in Milwaukee on an abandoned Canadian
Pacific line that are pretty much stripped down to nothing but the mast.
I think one may have the lights left.

If you would like pictures of any or all of these, let me know, I'll
be hapy to take some.  There are a few wig-wags that I'll take pictures
of too.  You can add them to your museum list.

-Brent Georgi