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March 2002
March, 2002

Susanville, Ca.

March, 2002
Susanville, Ca

If this doesn't get the wigwag fans, it will certainly take care of the SP fans...

A double set of Magnetic Signal Company upper quadrants at Susanville, Ca. in 1971. SP GP9 3471 (later becoming 3404 after rebuilding to GP9E) sits in the siding. This crossing is just west of the depot. According to Stan, the signals lasted several years longer until the SP cut back the branch by a mile or so.  The locomotive is from the Susanville Local from Wendel.  It comes this far west just to access the runaround track. 
Stan contributes this and a couple other new images he just scanned. These can be seen in the Historical wigwag photo section.

Oh... I forgot to mention the irony here. These were located at Richmond Road.

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