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Mike Gus

"I remember as a young child, I would coerce my parents into driving by the railroad on our way home/to anywhere we went, much to their annoyance, but anything to silence a whining kid!  The wigwags of my childhood were in Madison, WI, smack dab in the middle of Wisconsin,
which sort of remained wigwag central until well into the early '90's. As an avid CNW and Wisconsin Central fan, my railfan travels took me into wigwag territory often, but most of the time all I could get were signal-only pictures, savoring the few times where a train would actually
appear.  I also have a special fondness for Griswold rotating-banner style signals, which are rapidly disappearing from the railroad scene.  I am fortunate enough to own one of these relics, complete with a glass reflector "4-Track" sign and glass reflector crossbuck.  I am now searching for an original yellow cats-eye stop sign, if you know of one, please let me know! The Griswold is currently "laying in state" in the back yard, but will be resurrected this spring and be standing proud once again.  I will try to send pictures documenting the refurbishment of it."
-Mike Gus

All photos and text by Mike Gus