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Point Richmond - Banner restoration - north wigwag  
Point Richmond Wigwags 2018 Restoration
Banner restoration - North Wigwag
March - May, 2019
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 Spring is near and the weeds have taken over. Both banners are out for restoration.
There's still a little more work to be done on the wigwags, as well as some overdue gardening.
3/17/19 - D. Furtado photo

First peek inside the light housing on the north wigwag banner. Full of moss, rust and spider webs.
Amazingly, both light bulbs still work.
Before disassembly.
It took some effort to loosen up the screws, but they finally came out.
Parts are ready for stripping and rust removal.
As of 3/17, this is where I'm at...
Light housing parts have been stripped and first coat of self etching primer applied. Some filler has been added to smooth out some pitting. Next will be fill primer, then the final coat of paint. Plastic lenses were lightly polished. The lamp unit was restored as well. The banner disc will be the next paint stripping project.
Continuing the project in May...
Rust was removed with an angle grinder.
The banner disc was later stripped with Jasco paint stripper.
After stripping... the disc was further cleaned with a wire wheel drill attachment. Stubborn rust spots were ground down with the angle grinder.
After pounding out the disc with a hammer to straighten out the larger dents, I used body filler for the smaller stuff. The banner will never look perfect, but it looks much better now.
I used two types of primer. First coating was with SEM brand self-etching primer (black). I followed that with Krylon filler primer (gray).
Next, I removed the many layers of paint from the 30 pound counterweight using a chipping hammer.
The original red paint shows through one last time. It was finished off with the wire wheel drill attachment. The weight was then primed and painted aluminum (not pictured).
This time I decided to try out "Frog Tape".
I can say that I'm happy with the results. No paint "bleed through" this time around.
Finished north banner - front side.
Back side - including wires for lamp.
Lamp housing, fully restored.

These take two, 9V signal service bulbs. I may use 12V automotive bulbs instead since these will be powered from a car battery. Car batteries put out more voltage than these wigwags originally received when in service (usually about 10 volts DC). If I use signal bulbs, they will likely burn out prematurely.

The wigwag banners will not be reinstalled until just before planned festivities on Sunday, July 28th.

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