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Point Richmond - Landscaping and mast restoration  
Point Richmond Wigwags 2019 Restoration
Landscaping and Mast Restoration

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A wetter than usual year brings with it.... lots of weeds!
Thanks to Peter Thelin from the Point Richmond Neighborhood Council
for coming by in April and cleaning them up.

On 6/2, Don Woodrow unwraps a roll of weedblocker material. Hopefully this will help control the weeds in the future.
After setting down the weedblocker, I noticed this conduit that was buried. This may be helpful later when it comes to powering the wigwags.
Work continues on June 16th. Don demonstrated the technique used to remove the many layers of paint built up on the mast and pedestal casting. A chipping hammer and lots of patience.
Another view of the north wigwag with most of the paint removed from the mast.
South wigwag before work. The four metal straps that used to hold signs will be removed as well. There are a few holes that will be filled later.
After chipping the paint... you can see the original color scheme of the wigwag mast and pedestal. These were originally painted black and white. The banner and counterweight would have been painted red. The scheme changed to the more familiar black and white banner (with aluminum painted motor box and mast) in the 1940s.
More soon!

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