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Point Richmond - Bell Mechanism  
Point Richmond Wigwags 2018 Restoration
Bell Mechanism

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  Plate J-140 from the Magnetic Signal Company catalogue from
1940 detailing the wigwag mechanism parts.

The bell striker parts were removed on 8/25 during our initial inspection. They were restored off site and will be reinstalled after the back castings are repainted. 

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Mechanism parts from the north wigwag after cleaning in solvent.
Mechanism parts from the south wigwag before cleaning.
Striker hub assembly before restoration. This will be taken apart, cleaned with a wire wheel drill attachment, treated with rust converter, primed and painted. New cotter pins will be used.
Another view of assembly during cleaning.
Primed parts on the right, finish painted parts on the left. I used Rustoleum Rusty Metal primer on the steel parts. Rustoleum Aluminum paint was used for the finish.
Finished bell striker parts, ready to go back on the wigwags. Bare metal parts will be oiled and/or greased.

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