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Point Richmond - Bell Mechanism Part 2  
Point Richmond Wigwags 2018 Restoration
Bell Mechanism and Electrical Components Part 2

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From the past... South wigwag as it looked back in 1986.
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North wigwag, same day. This was the old motor box that was replaced in 1999 (notice it still says
Los Angeles, rather than Minneapolis). Also notice that the concrete divider medians
were not yet installed. You can see cables wrapped around the concrete barrier to the south wigwag
across the tracks to keep it from falling apart. These barriers were replaced in 1987.
( "This Point" newsletter from April, 1987 )
From the Point Richmond History Association


Work continues on the electrical components and bell mechanism. Also, although not really shown here, I've been busy at home restoring the roof castings, bells and dust covers, and side doors. Those are being reinstalled as they are completed. During the last week, both main terminal blocks were reinstalled. On 11/4, I also reinstalled both bell mechanisms. 

11/3 and 11/4
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Looking inside the south wigwag motorbox. Terminal block has been restored and reinstalled. Notice the new ribbon cables. It will be adjusted when I can get 12 volts to the signal.
Detail shot of brake shoe, spring and part of the brake arm.
Back side is primed and ready for color coat. That will happen on 11/3. This is where the bell mechanism (hammers and trippers) goes.
Inside the motorbox of the north wigwag. Terminal block will go in on 11/3. Still finishing up on the painting. Builder's plate will be finished off later.
On 11/3, back side of north wigwag. This is the first finished side door to come back. Gasket has been restored as well.
Bell mechanism on the north wigwag after installation on 11/4.
South wigwag with bell mechanism.

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