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This is what I found at Schelleville Jan. 4th, 2000.

  • Schellville depot
  • Former SP sd-9 4436
  • Former SP sd-9 4347. Notice that it still has 50% of it's lighting package (front)
  • The remains of 4440
  • The 2 SD-9's and boxcar next to depot
  • Just south of the depot there is a small yard, nearly impossible to get to. I noticed one more sd-9 and 2 F-units.
  • One of the crossing gates by the depot...still has teardrop bell, even though the rest of the signal has been upgraded.
  • The other crossing gate...with electronic bell.
  • This is a section of track that once ran to Sonoma. Seems to be disappearing into the weeds. This runs along the main road to Sonoma from Schellville.
  • As you get into town, the rails are gone, except for a few crossings. Didn't catch the name of the street here.



    All photos (c)2000  Dan Furtado

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