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State Belt Remnants
San Francisco's
State Belt Railroad

I recently snapped a few  photos of what is left of the San Francisco State Belt
Railroad that ran along SF's Embarcadero until the 80's. The new F-Line extension
runs along the old route and there are future  plans to extend the line through
the old Fort Mason tunnel and out to the Marina.

Photos from 3/22/05

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The roundhouse on Embarcadero still stands. At the time this photos was taken, they were remodeling the interior to  rent out for office space.
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Time capsule plaque in the pavement in front of the roundhouse.
This is where I will add a photo of the railroad pier near Pier 39.
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This is the end of Jefferson Street. This is where the tracks would  cut across Aquatic Park and to the tunnel that runs out to Fort Mason. This is one of the few places  where the original tracks are still visible in the street. Most of Jefferson Street was repaved  when the new  F-Line extension was  built a few  years ago.
Tracks still visible through the pavement along this walkway along Aquatic Park.
Cutting across the lawn to  the tunnel.
Crossing foot of Van Ness near the tunnel.
The crossing.
The eastern portal. No tracks were visible here.
The western Portal. Tracks are still here.
View from above the west portal. Tracks clearly visible.

Fort Mason still has most of its rails  intact. 
Switch cover.
This is near the entrance.
One of the few  places where the rails are clearly visible along the Marina.
The tracks are starting to show through the pavement.
View of Fort Mason from 1933. This photo shows the rail service and where the tracks ran. Photo is from the San Francisco Library website.

Photos by Dan Furtado