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Steve Crise

"I'm a life long train nut. Photographing railroads as a boy eventually lead me to my career as a professional photographer. Although today I primarily shoot for TV production and catalog clientele, I still like to get out and shoot what I loved to shoot way back when it was just me and my parents Brownie. Now I travel a lot around the country shooting different assignments. Whenever possible, I always try to plan some free time to get out and shoot some of the local railroad offerings. Unfortunately I have only turned my attention to wig wags, semaphores and signals in general within the last 5 years or so. But the many adventures this effort has given me, not to mention all the new friends I've made, has been a very wonderful experience! Enjoy."

All photos and text by Steve Crise

Alameda Corridor from the past and more...(4/14/01)

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