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This is my collection of Burlington Northern images. To see the full sized version of an image click on it's thumbnail.

BN10BN10JPEG Image1156 x 79210/24/99BN power in a Gateway Western consist in Grain Valley,MO
BN11BN11JPEG Image817 x 45710/24/99A "cabless" GE in a Gateway Western consist in Grain Valley, MO
BN11mix FileN/A10/24/99
BN12BN12JPEG Image825 x 34910/24/99A C30-7 leads a coal drag through the KCS yard in KCMO
BN13BN13JPEG Image1156 x 79210/24/99BN GE unit on a coal train
BN14BN14JPEG Image1009 x 38510/24/99A trio of GE units pulling a coal train through the KCS yard in KCMO
BN2BN2JPEG Image825 x 54110/24/99SD70MAC's passing through Marray Yard in KCMO
BN3BN3JPEG Image1156 x 79210/24/99SD70MAC wearing the "executive" colors heads a trio of these beauties on an empty coal drag.
BN4BN4JPEG Image1156 x 79210/24/99A trio of BN SD70MAC's pulling an empty coal train into KCMO
BN5BN5JPEG Image633 x 63310/24/99A "whiteface" crossing the Missouri River at Sibley,MO on Sante Fe trackage.
BN6BN6JPEG Image1013 x 45710/24/99Badly aged GP15 switching at Murray yard in KCMO.
BN7BN7JPEG Image1029 x 50110/24/99Older GP's are used as yard switchers at Murray Yard in KCMO. This one was making up a train of grain hoppers
BN8BN8JPEG Image797 x 37310/24/99BN switcher at Sante Fe's Argentine Yard in KCK
BN9BN9JPEG Image1156 x 79210/24/99Switcher outside the shop at BN's Murray Yard in KCMO

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