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Gateway Western Photos


This is my collection of Gateway Western Photos To see the full sized version of an image click on it's thumbnail.

GWWR01GWWR01JPEG Image1156 x 792104,45610/29/99Gateway's newest "KCS" look.
GWWR02GWWR02JPEG Image1156 x 79266,97310/29/99A Gateway engine along with some Sante Fe engines in a GWWR consist.
GWWR03GWWR03JPEG Image1156 x 79278,32210/29/99Gateway engines pulling through the Shefield interlock inKCMO
GWWR04GWWR04JPEG Image1156 x 79261,52610/29/99Gateway's showpiece Operation Lifesaver engine number 3020 on a ballast train in Grain Valley,MO.
GWWR05GWWR05JPEG Image1156 x 79259,51310/29/99A Gaateway switcher being returned to KC after being "shopped" in St. Louis, MO
GWWR1GWWR1JPEG Image1156 x 79272,19810/29/99Another shot of 3020 onthe ballast train
GWWR2GWWR2JPEG Image1156 x 79260,62310/29/99They are working less than a hundred feet from my back door!
GWWR3GWWR3JPEG Image1156 x 79284,68410/29/992040 aftersome rework at Mid-America Car
GWWR4GWWR4JPEG Image1156 x 79253,36010/29/99A gateway train passing behind my house
GWWR5GWWR5JPEG Image1156 x 79264,99710/29/99One of the orrigional Gateway paint schemes
GWWR6GWWR6JPEG Image1156 x 79262,65810/29/99
GWWR7GWWR7JPEG Image1156 x 79270,45710/29/99Lots of traffic on this line now

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