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This is my collection of KCS images. To see the full sized version of an image click on it's thumbnail.

KCS01KCS01JPEG Image1156 x 79256,862
KCS02KCS02JPEG Image1156 x 792103,580A "tunnel motor" on a south-bound coal train in Kansas City. This train was brought into KCMO by BNSF.
KCS03KCS03JPEG Image1156 x 79255,861An SD40-2 awaiting a train. It was freshly painted and in great condition.
KCS04KCS04JPEG Image1156 x 79276,116A KCS switcher with a mix of other engines.
KCS05KCS05JPEG Image1156 x 79281,349An SD40-2 north-bound moving into the KCS yard through Airline Jct.
KCS06KCS06JPEG Image1156 x 79279,544A rare site in these days is a KCS engine still in the old white paint scheme.
KCS07KCS07JPEG Image1156 x 792111,324KCS power on the Gateway Western Railroad in Grain Valley, MO
KCS08KCS08JPEG Image1156 x 79287,615A KCS engine passing through Airline Jct in KCMO
KCS09KCS09JPEG Image1156 x 79278,886A KCS switcher works a local through Shefield Interlock on the Sante Fe east/west main.
KCS10KCS10JPEG Image1156 x 79264,996This is the NAFTA engine heading into the KCS yard. Sorry about the poor quality.
KCS11KCS11JPEG Image1156 x 79263,993
KCS12KCS12JPEG Image1156 x 79262,202
KCS13KCS13JPEG Image1156 x 79295,747
KCS14KCS14JPEG Image1156 x 79282,324
KCS15KCS15JPEG Image1156 x 79286,583A southbound KCS train headed out of the yard at Airline Jct.

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