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This is my collection of Missouri Central photos To see the full sized version of an image click on it's thumbnail.

011 10A011 10AJPEG ImageThe MCRR line in Raytown, MO. It's the former Rock Island, and in poor shape.
012 11A012 11AJPEG Image
013 12A013 12AJPEG Image
014 13A014 13AJPEG ImageLook closely. There is a survey marker in the center of the photo. That is the center of the "main"
015 14A015 14AJPEG Imagelooking "railraod east" from 59th St. in Raytown MO
016 15A016 15AJPEG ImageThe marker in the distance is at the begining of the old "overpass". The white posts are fiber optic cable markers. Just out of site in the foreground, the roadbed has been completely removed for the "new" 59th St.
017 16A017 16AJPEG ImageA wider angle view of 59th St. I am standing in the center of the right of way. The old overpass is at the edge of the brush in the background. The city of Raytown, MO removed the track and roadbed without permission of the railroad (at the time, it belonged to SP) to straighteen and widen the road.
018 17A018 17AJPEG ImageThis bridge is Raytown Rd over the old "Rock". The gravel and concrete bunkers in the foreground belong to LeFarge Concrete plant and they are sitting on the right-of-way. The concrete company buldozed the rail and track back to make room to park their trucks
019 18A019 18AJPEG ImageLooking "railroad east" from the Raytown Rd bridge. Note the concrete truck parked on the right- of-way.
020 19A020 19AJPEG Image
1800a1800aJPEG ImageMissouri Central's first engine in "home" colors. Engine number 1800.
1800b1800bJPEG ImageThe back of MCRR 1800

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