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About The VRE Photo Archive

About the VRE Photo Archive

Virginia Railway Express (VRE) is a commuter rail service out of Washington, DC. This commuter rail serves two lines: the Manassas line west of Washington to Broad Run, Virginia, and the Fredericksburg line south of Washington to Fredericksburg, Virginia.

This photo archive was created on a Power Macintosh 6100 with a UMAX Astra 610s scanner and a SGI 320 Visual Workstation. All the photographs were scanned as 24-bit color images and compressed as high-quality JPEG images using Adobe Photoshop.

I have been searching the Internet for photos of the VRE locomotives in their prior lives as freight locomotives, and the "Previous Names and Numbers" section of each page includes a link to any photographs I've been able to find on-line. Most of the VRE locomotives are of CSX lineage and Dean J. Heacock's CSX Photo Archive has been a great source of photos. If you know of or have any other photos of the VRE locomotives in their prior lives, please contact me.

If you have any questions or comments about this archive, please e-mail me at


Tom Rinehart

Last updated: 11/18/2001