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DDMS Coal Division

D&D Coal Division


Along with steel, coal plays a major part on D&D Steel. It has a large coal preparation plant complex with a rotary dump, truck dump, tram dump and a bottom dump car building. This plant is called HANNAH, this is the biggest plant that D&D Steel owns. It receives coal from surrounding railroads and mines treats and process the coal at the preparation plant then ships it to the steel mill or coal dock.


The largest mine that D&D Steel own is also located at the plant. The coal is transported out of the mine on trams with then is taken to a rotary dump for the trams. The trams are on a 42" gauge track. One tram train consist of 2 locomotives and 35 cars. D&D steel coal own 4 complete trains. The trams is service at there own survive facility, located beside of the rotary dump.


One thing new at the plant is the Pulverized Coal facility. The coal is pulverized and then shipped to the blast furnace injection facility in specialized 50 ton covered hoppers to prevent explosion and is injection into the furnace as needed.

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