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Hot Metal Cars

These 5 hot metal cars was built using ST&D and Walthers hot metal cars. The 2 outside cars are stock Walthers and ST&D cars, with the 3 inside cars are custom built.
I removed the spot on the Walthers car and replaced it with a spot from ST&D. This was a very easly done. I started by cutting the spot completely off the Walthers car. Once it was off it took just a little sanding to get the ST&D spot to slide in then I sanding the top smooth and glut the heat shield over the Walthers car using the ST&D spot to line everything up.
On this car I took the barrel from ST&D and used the ends platforms from a Walthers kit.
On this car I took the barrel ends of a Walthers car and put them on the center section of the barrel of a ST&D car. I also use ST&D platform ends on this car also.
This picture show a stock ST&D car in the back and the 2 custom cars I build in the front.