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Delaware & Northern Railroad
"Rails Rust in the Catskills"

A - B

Name Position(s) Held
Leo Ackerly Engineer, Fireman
Ordway Atkin
E. D. Avery Conductor, Trainman
George Balcome Stationary Boiler Fireman
Earl Balcome Mechanical Department
A. S. Banker
Floyd Barber Conductor, Trainman
Harrison Barber Section Foreman
Ernest Barnhart Conductor, Trainman
Arthur Barringer Engineer, Fireman
John T. Baxter Mechanical Department
Evelyn Becker Clerk, Stenographer
Andrew C. Benjamin Traffic Accountant
Floyd Bennett Conductor, Trainman
W. C. Bentley
Charles Bentley Shop Clerk, Telegrapher, Storekeeper
Fred W. Bishop Arkville Station Agent
L. D. Bishop Mechanical Department
Conrad Bloom Mechanical Department
Charles A. Boyd Boilermaker
Horace Brannon Conductor, Trainman
Earl Brown Conductor, Trainman
Art Bullis Engineer, Fireman
Charles H. Burdick Conductor, Trainman
John Burnside Conductor, Trainman

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