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Delaware & Northern Railroad
"Rails Rust in the Catskills"

Coaches & Combines
Delaware & Eastern - Delaware & Northern

The two D&N coaches, #82 and 84, as well as Combine #81 are seen here in storage in Margaretville. Passenger service was being provided by the Brill motor car. These are the only known cars of the 80-series, there may have been others. 5/1935. Collection of Bill Caloroso.

In Gerald M. Best's book, Ulster and Delaware . . . Railroad Through the Catskills, he only makes mention of the passenger cars owned by the Delaware and Eastern Railroad in his roster (above). These cars were coaches #1 through 5 and combines #50 through 54, all purchased secondhand in 1906. As far as pictures are concerned, the Delaware and Northern Railroad seemed to of discarded the passenger cars it inherited from its predecessor. Of the D&N passenger cars, three are known: Combine #81 and Coaches #82 and #84. There were, more than likely, more cars in this 80-series but information and/or photographs have not yet come to light.


D&E Passenger Cars


Coach #3 and Combine #52.


D&N Combine #81

D&N Combine #81 had a section for passengers, a railway post offce, and a baggage compartment. This car had come from the Long Island Railroad. 5/30/1938.

8/10/1935. Photo: George E. Votava.

In storage at Margaretville. P.M. Goldstein Collection.

In storage at Margaretville. P.M. Goldstein Collection.

D&N Coach #82


In storage at Margaretville. Photo: George Votava.


D&N Coach #84


Margaretville. 7/4/1937.

8/10/1935. Photo: George E. Votava.

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