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Suggested Reading

Delaware & Northern Railroad
"Rails Rust in the Catskills"

Suggested Reading


The Delaware and Northern and the Towns it Served by Gertrude Horton Fitch. Written by the daughter of D&N engineer Roma Fitch, this book is a great source of information and anecdotes of the Delaware and Northern R.R. and the towns along its route.

Rails Along the East Branch: The Delaware & Northern Railroad by John M. Ham and Robert K. Bucenec. Another in a series of books of the railroads of the Catskills by these authors, this book presents a treasure trove of photographs and information on the D&N.

The Damn Nuisance by Harry Archer. Written in the 1970s, Archer tells the story of the ol' D&N in stories and in photographs. The book was privately published and has been out of print for many, many years. It is hard to find and generally expensive when you do.


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