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Mr. Toy's Train Travel Tales

An actual photo of Mr. Toy himself! (whoopee)
Mr. Toy relaxes while Amtrak does the driving.

Mr. Toy's Train Travel Tales

The mildly exciting adventures of Jim & Heidi Toy as they travel the land by train.

A feature of the Del Monte Club Car  and the Monterey Peninsula Toy Box

The Coast Starlight, Halloween/Birthday - fall 2006
Wherein Mr. Toy travels from Monterey to Salem  to share in a birthday celebration with his big sister. Along the way he meets a newspaper columnist, a train robbery victim, Eastern European immigrants, and a horse hauler.  Plus a truck driver gets knocked around.

The Coast Starlight, Mother's Day Weekend 2005
Involving a little snow, a little rain, a little riverboat and a huge globe.

The Coast Starlight, February-March 2004

A trip to a wedding which begins with an alien encounter, followed by a stormy night, a swollen river, snow packed mountains and a geologist. On the return leg we get a huge dose of bluegrass and a very brief visit with a special friend.

The Coast Starlight, March 2003
We encounter lots of snow in theCascades, admire Salem's carousel, a grocery store, and recreate, in a small way, our honeymoon.

The Coast Starlight, May/June 2002
My first solo trip in a sleeper. On this trip an impromptu men's club is formed, I shoot through tunnels,  visit a Chinese garden, go "train hunting," and dine with three women.

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The Monterey Peninsula Toy Box

Monterey Peninsula Toy Box

Caltrain to the Ballgame, September 19, 2001

A week after 9/11, we ride to the city for Giants Baseball

The Coast Starlight, Memorial Day 2001
I relive my school daze as I travel  overnight in a coach seat to see my neice graduate from college. The #14 train is very late, but riding with a retired schoolteacher, a young doctor,  his very cute wife, and a hilarious steward makes it worth the delay. On #11 I meet another cast of characters, including a casting director.

The California Zephyr, August 2000
The trip that reintroduced us to train travel after a sixteen year absence. Our goal: to marry off our niece. It's a family adventure for four traversing every western  mountain range from the blue Pacific to the golden plains of Colorado.  It's the only way to fly!