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Modeling TCDD 56086

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Basic concept

TCDD 56000 engine is certainly the flagship of TCDD steam era. This engine was present on most of the lines, assigned to all kind of duties from express passengers to heavy freight. Unfortunately, a model this engine is not available in any scale.

The 56000 design is derived from the German engine BR41 and many parts are identical between these two engines. Revell is now making a kit for such a BR41 engine in HO scale. This is a static engine (no motor) and fully in plastic. As a result, this kit is quite cheap compared to a ready to run Fleischmann BR41 (nearly a tenth of the cost!). The assembly is quite easy, much like the planes or the cars kits for which this brand is famous. The model is very faithful to the prototype any many parts are neatly done. The kit has also some flows that can be easily corrected.

The main difference between the BR41 (1'D1') and the 56000 (1'E) is of course the fifth driving axle, but also the size of those driving axles. Fortunately, Revell is selling a BR50 kit, which has the correct number of wheel and of nearly the right size for a 56000. So, the basic concept is to combine the two kits to produce a 56000. The BR41 will be modified using parts from the BR50.

The main change will be the boiler. The BR41 and the BR50 boilers have the same diameter. This will allow the cutting and pasting of parts of the two boilers to produce a nearly correct 56000 boiler. Other part for the BR50 will be used such as the smoke screens, the brake shoe blocks or some of the rods

This method will produce lots of left over: a set of BR41 wheels, a set of cylinders, a cab, the tender, ...These parts will enter the scrap box and perhaps find use on another project.

A trial assembly before painting.
The rods are not mounted

Supplies and documentation


  • HO Revell kit BR41
  • HO Revell kit BR50
  • A few square centimeters of plastic sheet (styrene), the like sold by Evergreen. I used 0,75 and 1,5 mm thickness I already had in my scrap box. Any thickness between 0,5 and 1,5 will do. Unused parts of the Revell kits can be recycled for that purpose.
  • A pair of diamond bogies for the tender. This can be replaced by the original Revell bogies
  • 3 cm of 6mm diameter plastic tube. Here again, this can be replaced by unused parts of the Revell kits.
  • U of H beam 2 or 3 mm high, styrene, Evergreen of similar.
  • About 15cm of 3mm diameter plastic tube. This is used for the axles.
  • Putty. I use basic Epoxy putty such as the ones for car body repair (similar to Milliput).
  • Paints



  • John Treays' drawings (contact me if interested).
  • TCDD 56000 pictures. I made many detailed pictures of 56086 plinthed in Ankara and 56116 in Camlik museum. These pictures make up for the lack of detailed drawing. The most interesting ones are published herewith.
  • Refer to for history and main characteristics of the 56000. The characteristics table include a comparaison with the BR41 and BR50, much useful for this project.
  • All other documents you can get, numerous pictures have been published of these engines. Refers to for color pictures of 56000.



For assembly, only basic hand tools are required (tweezers, files, cutter, ...). A very thin saw is needed. For the painting, a few brushes can do. I use an airbrush and a compressor.

A picture of the tools I used on this project.
I forgot the saw on this picture. Painting equipment is omitted.

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