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In Memory
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William Gabb

1870 1922 D&H Trainman Bill Gabb Jr. (Grandson) and Sue sold most of the D&H items of William H. Gabb collected since 1950 to me in 1998 and to my great surprise included a photo of William Gabb that can be found within the DHVM.  So began my collection efforts and the DHVM.
William H. Gabb 1909 1998 Collector
Ted Slavinski 19?? 2002 Photographer Ted's photographs came to the DHVM via Dave T. Klutchko and enjoyed seeing his photographs on the internet with friends & family.
Johnny "Trains" Niegocki May 15, 1957 April 29, 2004 Photographer I met JT over the internet via TrainBoard and he contributed several photographs including D&H Police related images as JT was big on safety around NYC.
January 22, 2000
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December 26, 2006
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