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Delaware and Hudson
Lake Travel between the rails

The D&H didn't let two large lakes get in the way of transportation services...

Brief list of important dates of the Steamboat Era:

Date Event
bulletSteamer Vermont (I) is launched on Lake Champlain
bulletThe WAR OF 1812, the Vermont (I) transports troops
bulletLake George Steamboat Company is chartered and later expires in 1838
bulletNo Boats are ever proposed let alone
bulletSteamer James Caldwell is launched on Lake George
{ with parts from Vermont (I) and designed based on the Franklin }
October 1826
bulletChamplain Transportation Company is chartered
{ President Luther Loomis }
bulletLesser lines on Lake Champlain begin to surrender
bulletChamplain Transportation Company buys out all competition remaining
{ 7 Boats currently servicing Lake Champlain }
bulletThree (3) for routes:  Whitehall-St. Johns & Burlington-Port Kent-Plattsburg
bulletThe other four (4) are either disposed or assigned to towboat service


bulletChamplain Transportation Company makes 8-Year deal with Peter Comstock
bulletCharles Dickens travels on the Burlington and writes "American  Notes"


bulletPeter Comstock 8-Year contract ends and hostilities begin
bulletPeter Comstock launches the Francis Saltus to compete with the Burlington
bullet"Comstock War" over and boats sold to Champlain Transportation Company
bulletAll steamboat activity ends on Lake George when William Caldwell retires.
bulletSeveral directors of the Champlain Transportation Company sell their holdings to a group of investors headed by Daniel Drew & Nelson Robinson which gives them control of the company making Oscar Burton President.
bulletJohn Jay is launched on Lake George
September 1952
bulletRutland & Burlington Railroad buy Champlain Transportation Company
bulletIncludes Steamers:  United States, Francis Saltus, Burlington, Whitehall, Montreal and Boston.


bulletRutland & Burlington RR sells the Francis Saltus to Plattsburgh & Montreal RR
bulletRutland & Burlington Railroad sells back the Champlain Transportation Company including all Steamboats but the Boston
bulletLake George Steamboat Company is chartered {again}
bulletDaniel Drew & Nelson Robinson sell their interests in the Champlain Transportation Company to Colonel LeGrand B. Cannon & Captain L. H. Tupper who hold major interests in Renesselaer & Saratoga Railroad.
bulletUnited States is converted from Wood to Coal {First on Lake Champlain}


bulletThe CIVIL WAR and steamers carry troops
bulletChamplain Transportation Company loans money to the Lake George Steamboat Company and receives stock as collateral.
June 1868
bulletRenesselaer & Saratoga gains control interest Lake George Steamboat Company via George H. Cramer and Colonel LeGrand B. Cannon
bulletChamplain Transportation Company buys Lake George Steamboat Company
bulletSteamer Ganouskie is first vessel on either lake to use propeller.
December 7, 1870
(D&H Control)
bulletRenesselaer & Saratoga accept offer by the Delaware & Hudson Canal Company to permanently lease of its property and holdings thus the steamboats become part of the Delaware and Hudson empire.
March 2, 1872
bullet Lake George Steamboat Company once again is independent and remains so today.  President Le Grand B. Cannon  All the stock is owned by the Champlain Transportation Company so it to is affiliated with the Delaware and Hudson Company
bulletDelaware & Hudson builds Baldwin Branch between Montcalm Landing on Lake Champlain near Ticonderoga and Baldwin on Lake George linking to to Steamer lines by rail.
bulletDelaware & Hudson extend line making Champlain Transportation Company less of a need and the Adirondack is removed from service.
bulletChateaugay becomes first Iron-Hulled Steamboat on Lake Champlain
1907 (Loree Years)
bullet11th President of Champlain Transportation Company: Leonor F. Loree
April 1, 1903
bulletVillage of Caldwell changes its name to Lake George village.
September 7, 1907
bulletLeonor F. Loree uses the Ticonderoga as his "Private Yacht" (10 Days)
September 23, 1913
bulletAn Elephant is transported aboard the Ticonderoga (II)
July 1, 1914
bulletPanama Canal Act makes it unlawful for any railroad subject to the act to control or have any interest, direct or indirect, in any common carrier by water with which the railroad might compete with.


bulletWORLD WAR I - Federal Government takes over operations
Vermont (III) and
June 22, 1916
bulletThe D&H filed on February 1914 to continue control of Champlain Transportation Company after hearings they are granted approval.
August 17, 1919
bulletTiconderoga runs aground on a reef off the north end of Isle La Motte.
bulletChateaugay is recalled into Service while repairs are made
bulletDepression forces suspension of all service on both lakes
bulletSagamore is retired and Horicon II made into nightclub "Showboat"
bulletChateaugay is removed to NH; Ticonderoga only steamship on the lake
1937 (D&H Ends)
bulletChamplain Transportation Company sold to Horace W. Corbin
November 1945
bulletLake George Steamboat Company sold to Wilbur Dow
bulletMohican II to converted to Diesel Power
bullet Shelburne Museum buys the Ti; form Shelburne Steamboat Company
bulletTiconderoga is removed and shipped to the Shelburne Museum
bulletTiconderoga gains National Historic Landmark status

Steamship Roster

Steamboat Images



Champlain Transportation Company

Franklin Wanted 1827 1838
Washington Wanted 1827 1843
bulletMessrs. Henry H. Ross and Charles McNeill
bullet1828 - Sold to Champlain Transportation Company
bulletRetired - Replaced by Saranac
Winooski Wanted 1832 1850
bulletThe Champlain Ferry Company
bullet1835 - Sold to Champlain Transportation Company
bulletRetired - Replaced by Saranac
Burlington Wanted 1837 1854
bulletRetired & Dismantled (1855)
Whitehall Wanted 1838 1853
bulletRetired  & Dismantled (1855)
Saranac Wanted 1842 1855
bulletRetired & Dismantled (1855)
Francis Saltus 1 1844 1859
bullet1848 - Sold to Champlain Transportation Company
bullet18xx - Sold to Plattsburgh & Montreal Railroad
bullet1855 - Sold to Edward V. Price
bullet1858 - Sold to Champlain Transportation Company
United States 1 1847 1873
bulletRetired {Last of the Civil War fleet}
bulletEngine installed into steamer "City of Cleveland"
"City of Cleveland" renamed "State of Ohio"
Boston Wanted 1851 1871
bullet1852 - Sold to Rutland & Burlington RR
Ethan Allen Wanted 1847 ?
bullet1852 - Sold to Vermont Central Railroad
bullet1852 - Sold to Champlain Transportation Company
bullet1853 - Sold to Northern Transport Line
(R. W. Sherman)
Wanted 1851 1866
bullet1853 - Sold to Champlain Transportation Company
and Renamed to the America
bulletRetired and replaced by Adirondack
Canada Wanted 1853 1870
bullet1853 - Sold to Champlain Transportation Company
bulletRetired and replaced by Vermont (II)
Montreal Wanted 1855 1880
bulletOriginally owned by Mr. Peter Comstock
bulletEngine from the dismantled Saranac
bullet1848 - Sold to Champlain Transportation Company
bulletBurned in Maquam Bay
Adirondack 2 1867 1875
bulletReplaces retired  America {Engine from
bulletRetired and replaced by Delaware & Hudson RR
bulletMany parts used by steamer "City of Cleveland"
"City of Cleveland" renamed "State of Ohio"
bulletEngine sold to Hudson River boat operator
Champlain (II)
(Oakes Ames)
2 1868 1875
bulletAcquired by Delaware and Hudson via Vermont Central.
bullet1873 - Sold to Champlain Transportation Company
bullet1874 - Renamed to Champlain II
bulletWrecked at Saw Mill Point near Westport; July 16, 1875
bullet1877 - Engines and Boilers installed into Horicon
A. Williams Wanted 1870 1893
bullet1874 - Sold to Champlain Transportation Company
bullet1888 - Replaced by Chateaugay / Held in Reserve
Vermont (II) 4 1871 1903
bulletReplaces retired Canada
bulletRetired and Replaced by the Vermont (III)
Maquam 1 1881 1906
bulletOwned by St. Johnsbury & Lake Champlain Railroad
bullet1897 - Sold to Champlain Transportation Company
Chateaugay 2 1888


bullet1917 - Taken out of service during WORLD WAR I
bullet1919 - Returns to service in 1919 (One Season)
bullet1925 - Converted into Automobile Ferry (July)
bullet1927 - Used for Flood disaster work
bullet1937 - Cut into sections and shipped on flatcars to Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire
bullet1940 - Launched as S. S. Mount Washington II
bullet1946 - Converted to Diesel; M/V Mount Washington II
bullet1982 - Expanded 25 Feet; M. S. Mount Washington II

Still Operational (Diesel Powered)

Vermont (III) 1 1903 1937
bulletBuilt to replace aging Vermont (II)
bulletStripped and sold for a Diesel Freight Boat
Ticonderoga (II) 12 1906


bulletBest known as the "Ti"
bullet1919 - Accident on August 17th at 2:30 PM
bulletSold to Fisher Steamboat
bullet1950 - "Save the Ti" and she sails once more
bullet1950 - Sold to Mrs. Watson Webb (December)
bullet1954 - Dry Dock:  Shelburne Museum (April 6)
Contractors:  Merritt-Chaplin & Scott (65 Day trip)
Placed November 6, 1954 (Last Sidewheel)
Also at her side is the Lighthouse Colchester

Lake George Steamboat Company

John Jay Wanted 1850 1856
bulletOriginally owned by John Harris
bullet1854 - Sold to Lake George Steamboat Company
bulletDestroyed by Fire; July 29, 1856
Minne-Ha-Ha (I) 2 1857 1878
bulletBoiler and Engine from John Jay
bulletSold to Cyrus Butler {Removed Engine}
Floating Hotel - Black Mt. Point
Ganouskie Wanted 1869 1883
bullet1877 - Converted from Wood to Coal
bullet1883 - Sold / Floating Barroom - Big Burnt Island
Horicon (I) 3 1877 1908
bulletEngines and Boilers from Champlain (II)
bulletReplaced by Horicon II
Ticonderoga (I) Wanted 1883 1901
bulletReplaces Ganouskie
bulletDestroyed by Fire - August 28, 1901
Mohican Wanted 1895 1905
bulletReplaced by Mohican II
Sagamore 2 1902 1937
bulletTo fill the void of the lost Ticonderoga (I)
Horicon II
1 1908 1939
bullet1933 - Made into nightclub "Showboat"
bullet1939 - Set afire
Mohican II 3 1908


bulletVarious owners other the years
bullet1946 - Converted to Diesel
bullet1967 - Converted Wood / Canvas structure to Steal
bulletApplication to National Historic Landmark status

Still Operational

Minne-Ha-Ha (II) Wanted 1969 -
bullet Operational - New
Lac du Saint Sacrement Wanted 1989 -
bulletOriginal name given to the lake by Jesuit priest, Issac Joques in 1646
bulletOperational- New Propeller Driven Vessel

Other Steamships & Companies of the time of possible interest documented

Vermont (I) - 1809 1815
bulletSank near Isle-aux-Noix, Canada; October 15, 1815
Phoenix (I) - 1815 1819
bulletLake Champlain Steamboat Company
Champlain (I) - 1816 1817
bulletLake Champlain Steamboat Company
James Caldwell - 1817 1821
bullet{Lake George} Jahaziel Sherman
Congress - 1818 1835
bulletLake Champlain Steamboat Company
Phoenix (II) - 1820 1837
bulletLake Champlain Steamboat Company
Mountaineer - 1824 1837
bullet{Lake George} L. C. Larabee
General Greene - 1825 1833
bulletThe Champlain Ferry Company
Mac Donough - 1828 1841
bulletThe St. Albans Steam Boat Company
Water Witch - 1832 1836
bulletJahaziel Sherman
William Caldwell - 1838 1848
bullet{Lake George} Jahaziel Sherman
Reindeer - 1882 1902
bulletGrand Isle Steamboat Company
bulletThe Steamboats of Lake Champlain 1809-1930 {Book}
bulletDelaware & Hudson {Book}
bulletTiconderoga Lake Champlain Steamboat {Book}
bulletThe Story of the Ticonderoga {Book}
bulletA Century of Progress 1823-1923 {Book}
bulletCommercial Site:  Lake George Steamboat Company
bulletCommercial Site:  Mount Washington Cruises (Chateaugay's New Owner)
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August 19, 2007
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