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Wisconsin Central

Wisconsin Central

Ch. 1 Road 160.7850   WC Lines West
Ch. 2 Road 160.2600   (Used in  Gladstone Yard)
Ch. 3 Road 161.2950   WC Lines East (Withrow to Stevens Point, WI & Withrow to Dresser)
Ch. 4 Road 160.3350   ex FV&W
Ch. 5 Yard 160.8450   Fox Valley & Western Yard
Road 160.2150   Aux Ch. Used south of Trevor (Train to Disp.)
Road 160.8900   On UP (Granville to Butler) ex C&NW
Road 161.3850   Vetter Sub
Yard 161.0700   Fond du Lac (Shops Yard)
Yard 161.2500