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GWR Preservation Group

Although not anything like as well known as the Great Western Society, the GWR Preservation Group has for many years been fighting to establish and retain a railway heritage centre in West London.

The Group is currently based in the former diesel depot just east of Southall station, but the future of the Group is under more than a little threat because of the revocation of their lease by Network Rail.

I visited the site several years ago when the progress being made to the site and its collection was evident and personally have sympathy with the aims and aspirations of the Group. Sadly all the hard work that's gone into the site seems to have been to no avail and the Group are now threatened with eviction with Network Rail having failed to offer the Group a viable alternative site for the collection.

If you would like to read more about the Group and add your name to the petition they are currently running to try to secure their future please do so by clicking on the banner below - I've added my name to it and hope you will do too.


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