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Isle of Wight

As many of you will probably know, there is a small enclave of London Underground alive and well and living off the coast of Hampshire!

Well, that's not actually strictly correct, but there is a fleet of former London Underground 1938 Tube Stock units working the railway there!

The following photos have been passed to me by Tom Corcoran taken on a recent visit.

This is what Tom said in his accompanying email - I don't think I can add to it!

'He we go Dave, they are a little gloomy. 006 and 008 was taken at 4.50 so the light was setting in ,the last one of the train approaching St Johns Road was taken just 1 0 minutes after the 2 dinosaurs so it shows how bad the light was getting. Anyway hope they are of some use, I never got the guards panel or Cab mainly because the trains were rather full most of the time so it was hard to get a perfect shot. But I hope to go back soon so I will try and get em for you as well.'

Unit 001

Unit 009

Unit 009

Units 006 and 008

Unit 007 at Shanklin

Unit 007 at Shanklin


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