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Signalling Simulations

Signalling Simulations

Again my personal favourite is SimSig. This collection of programs has recently become free to download and many a happy hour can be spent signalling trains around areas as complex as Waterloo and Clapham Junction, Didcot, Swindon and Westbury to name but a few.

Some have a choice of timetables and the level of complexity is also user set, so you can start off with no problems and delays and as your experience increases so can the level of difficulty.

The following are a few screenshots that I've taken of the Swindon simulation to illustrate the appearance, but visit the SimSig site for much more detailed information.

Also attached to the SimSig site is a forum dedicated to the topic, and there's always a great deal of information being exchanged and news of new developments.  It's also very 'user friendly' and users new to the simulation are always welcomed warmly and information and help to them is freely given.

View 1

This shows two trains, both of which appear in red with the train description superimposed in blue - the top is about to leave our area and the bottom has clear signals all the way to the end of our area. Note the red area near Hullavington - this indicates that there is currently a track circuit failure here and attention will have to be given to trains approaching it, and the correct procedures followed!

View 2

There are four trains visible here.  The first, top left, is approaching our area on the 'Up Kemble' line and will shortly need our attention. The next description (to the right of the first) shows a train that is currently on the single track section approaching Kemble Tunnel. The blue description indicates that it's heading towards this section, though not yet arrived, but the train's description has been sent forward. Below this is a train on the 'Down Badminton' line - this is approaching the failed track, so an eye needs to be kept on this to avoid delays as far as possible.  The final train is on the 'Up Main', heading towards Swindon. The route has already been set for it to cross Wootton Bassett Junction.

View 3

Swindon to Didcot. There's much to control here, the platforms, sidings, goods line and much more. Again a number of trains are visible in the area, including two just arriving from Didcot's control.

View 4

The final view shows all three of the preceeding screens and enables us to keep an overall eye on proceedings.  Although each of the previous screens will show the most relevant information and details, this shows a longer history of the messages we've received.


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