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On-LIne Structures

On-Line Structures

Cleora Stockpens
Crested Butte CF&I Mine
Crested Butte Engine Shed
Crested Butte Bunk House
Crested Butte Section House
Gorge Depot
Marshall Pass Snowsheds
Monarch Gallows Turntable
Monarch CF&I Mine
Parkdale Depot
Parkdale Stockpen
Parlin Section House
Parlin Bunk House
Red Hill Tunnel
Salida 300T Coaling Tower
Salida NG Scales
Salida SG Roundhouse


Stockpens Walthers, by GaryM & AlexM. Pre-painted inside & out with Burnt Umber, Dark Brown & Iron Oxide acrylics, with charcoal black wash. Glued together with plastic weld. Cut to fit into curved 'corner' and covered with dirt and highlighted with Woodland Scenic textures. Troughs added with Woodland Scenic water. Walthers, Atlas Life-Like and miscellaneous steers painted with acrylics; Burnt Sienna & White, with Ivory & Black Horns/Eyes/Hooves. Miscellaneous cowboy and slightly modified Preiser equestrian set, painted in acrylics. Background tank: Campbells. Photo Credits: GaryM
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Colorado Fuel & Iron Mine Grandt Line kit-bashes, by HalZ. Under construction. Scratchbuilt tipple with two Grandt Line Mine kits kit-bashed. Photo Credit: GaryM
D&RGW Engine Shed Crystal River kit, by HalZ. Airbrushed inside & out. Interior kit and modified as necessary by Hal with structural supports and windo casements and framing. Interior floor - cinders. Foundation and ties glued to ground, building is removable from foundation. Engine pits installed with rails CA'd to concrete pit walls. Shed doors were resized to fit widened openings. This model is representative of the prototype at Crested Butte. Photo Credits: Dave Spritke
D&RGW Bunk Houses Crystal River kit, by GaryM & HalZ. Pre-painted inside & out with acrylics, charcoal washes on roof. (Not yet weathered). Photo Credit: GaryM
D&RGW Section House Crystal River kit, by GaryM. Pre-painted inside & out with acrylics, charcoal washes on roof. (Not yet weathered). Woodland Scenics white metal tractor trailer by HalZ. Photo Credit: GaryM
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Gorge Depot scratchbuilt, by GaryM. Pre-painted with acrylics, board & batten siding built over interior frame. Replica of Gorge Depot as it looked in 1915. Preiser and miscellaneous Police Bobbies painted to represent retired British Officers. Deck built with Grandt Line railing and American Model Builders benches. Photo Credits: Dave Spritke, GaryM (2)
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D&RGW Snow Sheds
scratchbuilt, by HalZ. Based on drawings & photos of Marshall Pass snowsheds in "Trails of the Columbine." Scale lumber cut and assembled by Halz with wood glue. Photo Credits: GaryM
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Monarch Gallows Turn Table kit, by HalZ. Abandoned gallows TT along old RR grade near original Monarch townsite. Photo Credit: GaryM

Colorado Fuel & Iron Mine scratchbuilt by HalZ- under construction. What remains of the mine still stand (barely) on US 50 approximately 3 miles from Monarch Pass summit.Photo Credits: Dave Spritke
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Parkdale Depot Kit, built by Ed Dorroh and modified by HalZ. Laser cut kit. Wild West Scale Models outhouse, by AlexM. Atlas Tool Shed, by GaryM. Walthers telephone poles, by JoeS. Photo Credits: GaryM (2), Dave Spritke (2)
Parkdale Stockpen Campbells kit, by HalZ. Campbells HO Water Tank, by HalZ. Barn shed scratchbuilt by Andrew DK. American Model Builders Yard Office, by GaryM. Photo Credit: GaryM
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Parlin D&RGW Section House scratchbuilt, by JoeS. Based on D&RGW Valuation Map dimensions and similar D&RGW structures. Photo Credit: GaryM
Parlin D&RGW Bunk House American Model Builders kit, by JoeS. Constructed and painted similar D&RGW structures. Photo Credit: Dave Spritke
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Photo Credit: D. Spritke
Red Hill Tunnel, east of Salida. Portals kitbashed by GaryM with hydrocal cast portals and strip styrene. Rocks by GaryR, GaryM, AlewxM and Andrew.
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Salida 300 Ton Coaling Tower
Scratchbuilt by HalZ. The tracks were originally laid out by scaling the track centers from a photograph in the Trails Among the Columbine - Salida, which got us to within a 1/16th of an inch from scale. Hal started redrawing the Maxwell drawings to scale, and began building from a mock-up. Photos of the Minturn coaling tower are being used to aid in the detailing. The coaling tower is a scale 70' tall.
Salida NG Scales
Scratchbuilt by GaryM. The dual gauge has dead rails, to support a SG or NG switcher. The 'Live rails' are supported by I-beams between the ties, which carry the load to load cells for the NG cars only. The design is based on a ATSF prototype plan and is placed in the yard where the original NG scales were.
Salida SG Roundhouse IHC kit, modified by HalZ. Under construction, to be painted. Temporary backdrop by KentH.
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