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Cleora Bull

Stockpen manure and other droppings .....

Crested Butte EF Rolls into Cleora
5 July 2007, StevO Reporting

The Crested Butte crowd continued on with Joe and Barry to check out the action at Cleora. Kent, carrying his trusty shovel, also left Salida to join the group going to Cleora.

Upon their arrival, they witnessed activity that was far beyond anything they had ever witnessed. East of Cleora is a flat patch of land that was intended to be the location of a stock yard. This is prime real estate, being perfectly flat and close to the railroad. Everyone in the area had been anxiously awaiting the stock yards that the president of SLMI had promised to build. The area had become known as "Grant's Folly", named after the SLMI president.

Construction started on the President's Pleasure
Condominiums, rumored to be built with "ribbed" board &
batten siding.
The last time the president was seen, he was ushering multiple trains from the Pennsylvania Railroad over Tennessee Pass, causing people to question his loyalty to western railroads.

"Seems like he's another one of these Robber Barons to me", said Kent.

Our group was horrified to find machines larger and more powerful than anything they'd ever seen before. They asked the locals when they arrived, and learned these mechanical giants showed up the day the Pennsy trains were running, and had assumed they were delivered by these same trains.

"Seems to me that The Slimey has sunk to new lows", said Barry.

The destruction in Cleora was swift and brutal. Trees fell. Buildings were crushed. The livestock was not gathered up, but was left to stampede in all directions.

"I heard the president is going to build some kind of big buildings called 'condominiums' or something like that at a massive personal profit," said Joe.

"We can't even get trackage into our valley, and here they are destroying the rural areas to be sold to developers" said Barry as they trudged back to Crested Butte.

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