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Petticoat Junction

Splashes around the Water Tank .....

Photo Credit: Emmett
Shady Rest erected at Mears Junction!
15 January 2012, Hooterville Times

The Haney Construction Company has put up the first Hotel in the flood plain at Mear's Junction, to provide housing for the track crews working on the line west. Mr Haney was quoted as saying that his company used only the finest of cardstock material, gauranteed in all kinds of weather (except rain, snow, hail, sleet, flood or wind), for only $15,000. It is reported by General Manager Joseph Carson, that the hotel will be run by the widow Kate Bradley and her fine daughters.

J. Carson Investments, a Division of Carson Enterprises, Inc., is now selling shares of stock in the Shady Rest for $150 each.

Photo Credit: Dave Spritke
Elk Return to Mears Junction!
21 March 2009, Joe Carson Reporting

This fall scene of Mears show that the Elk have indeed returned to the area. Hunters have been making reservations for the Mears Hotel that is rumored to be in the planning stages. Beaver is also rumored in the area, but as of yet, have not been seen, although, beaver sign has been found around the Water Tank.! Chaffee County Chief Inspector J.P. Lofgren reported that he expects regular visits of game such as Canadian Club geese as well as other varmints to frequent the area.

Investors interested in supporting the J.P. Lofgren Construction Company for the construction of the Shady Rest, please send checks or cash to J. Carson Investments, a Division of Carson Enterprises, Inc.

Mears Junction Connected from Salida to Parlin!
14 December 2007, GaryM Reporting

Temporary sectional narrow gauge track was laid from the Poncha Jct yard through to the overhead trestle. The sectional track was cut out from good sections of MicroEngineered long pieces of track with plenty of Micro-Imperfections, preventing smooth rolling of trains. Unfortunately, it was noted (too late!) that the ties for the trestle crossing the creek on the mainline will also need to be relaid to straighten the trestle along the tangent (to make it one). These temporary rails will remain in place through the holidays to get needed supplies to Parlin.

Seen between the "squatters' houses", (which will have to go!),
are the berms at the ends of the overhead trestle, which has
the narrow gauge cross over the narrow gauge (a rarity, indeed!)
The track runs through the middle of the swampy valley. "The temporary tracks ran very smooth," said McMurtrie riding along in the cab of K-27 #460, "...but we had some trouble again on the bend from West Salida into Poncha. In fact, one unnumbered 5900 series brass Stock Car is being set back to the shops to have the underframe ribs ground off, so the wheels don't short out on the huge 24" track radius."

McMurtrie also noted that the run between Gray's and Marshall Pass was not without incident. "We had several stalls along the line up to Marshall Pass, seems like every switch we get a short and momentary stall, but up on Marshall Pass sometimes we had to get out and push a little!"

"I'd like a lot more thorough inspection of the line, especially why we lose power at a switch, before we go to regular operations. Cannonball Hal was running light behind us and derailed the lead driver on K-37 #492, on the track kink between Gray's and the summit." explained McMurtrie.

Poncha Non-Junction!
14 December 2007, GaryM Reporting

Rumor has it, without a real junction at Poncha, the railroad is planning on bypassing Poncha altogether, although a passing siding is anticipated where Poncha had hopes of a freight platform and Depot. "They can't do this!!, belched Poncha's Mayor at a recent emergency Town Hall session. "That damn General Palmer sold us all these lots and told us he would be putting a junction here, and apparently, they are rearranging all the tracks at Mears! If I ever get my hands on him ........", cried the Mayor before heading off in the direction of the Bank.

Meanwhile, not everyone was dismayed. Monarch workers remarked with the proposed 'cuts' at Poncha, said they expect to have improved working conditions at the CF&I mine. Joe Carson, General Manager and Vice President of the Shady Rest, Inc., explained at the Town Hall Meeting he would be selling bond options for the construction of a Hotel at Mears'. The exact financial details of the bonds were unclear but money was being accepted by Mr. Carson. The proprietor of the planned Hotel is Mrs. Kate Bradley, who was unavailable for comment.

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