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Salida Spit
Salida Spit

Slobberings heard around town .....

D&RGW Scales Back on Track!
19 April 2009

Spit Photographer: Waco Kid

What in the wide, wide World
of Sports is goin' on here?

Now that's a dang track scale!
The D&RGW work crew of Howard, Howard and Fine was seen back on the job busily laying rails to the narrow gauge yard track scale when D&RGW Crew Chief Slim Chickens came by to inspect. Chief Chickens was overheard; "Well you boys have done a fine purdy job a' layin' those rails, nice an' straight, yessir!! "Ceptin' there ain't no dang way for the cars to ever get weighed that-a-ways, ya bunch of doo-dah yahoos!! How in tarnation do ya expect the switch to work, ya numbskulls?! Now do it over right or I'll have ta come back an' bust ya up somethin' good!! Don't make me report this to the Governor's Railroad Commissioner Mr. Heady Lamar or he'll probably make me come back here and shoot ya and then hang ya!" Among much consternation, face slapping, hair plling and eye-gouging, the crew went back to work tearing out some rails and replacing with new. Currently, the new rails have been installed and now the footboards need to be put in and the scale house built, but it looks like the scales are now operating correctly. RR Commissioner Heady Lamar was reached for comment after Chief Chickens remarks and responded tersely: "That's Headly!!"

D&RGW Track Crew AWOL Again!
24 March 2009

Spit Photographer: Dave Spritke

Howard crew galavanting near Rocky's
Tavern (Again!)

Constable O'Shaunessey reports Moe Howard's crew was last seen outside of Rocky's Tavern, and are wanted for questioning. Apparently, Mr. Howard, Mr. Howard, and Mr. Fine were seen leaving the area rather quickly, ahead of the good constable, who gave hot pursuit in haste, shortly after a large food fight ensued at the nearby Monarch Lettuce & Produce Company. Chaffee County Chief Inspector J.P. Lofgren noted that all the food was contaminated and soiled during the affair, and will have to be destroyed. "I estimate the damage to be in excess of $75 dollars!", exclaimed Chief Inspector Lofgren. Apparently, the food fight somehow started when the railroad was packing some rail cars full of produce with ice.
D&RGW Chief Engineer McMurtrie said he is also looking for the AWOL track crew. McMurtie said, "Those boys were supposed to finish installing the track scales, and then they were supposed to creosote the Coaling Tower! When I get my hands on them, I'll tear them limb from limb!!"
NG Track Scale awaiting installation

Coaling Tower, sitting un-creosoted.

Salida Narrow Gauge Yard Lead Installed
22 December 2007

Foreman Howard supervises narrow gauge tie cutting
in Salida wood shop

Moe Howard's MOW crew, with recently hired Shemp Howard (former Proprietor from Crested Butte), completed sawing ties and installation of roadbed for the Salida narrow gauge yard lead on December 20th. Saturday, the crew were able to lay in most of the rails for the switch to the crossover to the main, and install remaining track rails. Crew foreman Moe Howard reported that the rails were completed from the yard to the switch to the narrow gauge mainline. Power cables were connected late into the afternoon and electrical systems were checked out. The work was ordered by SuperIntendent StevO.

Chief Engineer McMurtrie piloted K-27 #460 from the narrow gauge yard to the NG mainline switch and back. "A guard rail needs to be put in at the frog, and there are a few spots needing some gauge checks, but she ran pretty fine ....," McMurtrie went on to say, " the Howard boys have made pretty good progress in the yard, and haven't destroyed anything lately. I'm givin' the crew the next week off." The Howard MOW crew were unavailable for further comment but were seen heading to Rocky's Corner Tavern.

Historic Day in Salida
8 December 2007

Ghosts awakened as the Denver & Rio Grande Western pulled its first train from the narrow gauge yard, across the Arkansas River, past the Salida Coal Company to Mears' Junction since 1955. Engineer GM McMurtrie took K-27 #455 and Box Car #3633, stock cars #5603, #5928, and long caboose 0540 out of the yard and across the river, pulling through on the dual gauge freight track to bring badly needed supplies to West Salida.

An extra standard gauge local quickly followed, with Engineer Bear at the throttle of FM H-15-44 #152, dropping off a pair of 40 ft boxcars for loading at the Salida Coal Company and warehouses in West Salida.

#455 had some trouble on the tight curve out of town, stalling momentarily at times, but otherwise arriving at Mears' Jct safely. #455 backed into West Salida, staying on the NG main and passing #152 on the DG siding. Backing onto the Salida Steam plant spur, Caboose #0540 derailed. The hack was quickly rerailed. It was noted that the switch may need some adjustments, with a work order posted for the Howard MOW crew to dispatch on their next shift, since they had apparently already left for Rocky's for the day.

Unfortunately, with snow falling during the day, no crowds were on hand to witness the historic event!

Dizzel Attack" in Salida
22 October 2007

Salida Residents were rudely awakened on Saturday morning to find 12 DRGW dizzels - "growling" in the Salida yard. One resident said "I was shocked to see so much orange paint in one place - they almost blotted out the sun". Another woman said "They look so cute - just in time for Halloween". The mayor and members of the city council were not so amused - the mayor declaring "How are we going to feed all the crews and all the "railroad crazies" that are bound to descend on our peaceful town! We should tell them to pack up and move to Minturn or even Helper, UT. We don't want them here", he was quoted as saying. Others said "Well, at least the crews are more civilized than that bunch of Hells Angels creatures that appeared here last week - we are still looking for the mayor's daughter". DRGW officials refused to return phone calls.

More information will be provided as the situation becomes clearer.

Moe Howard's Crew Completes DG House Track
21 August 2007

D&RGW work crew on the job. (File Footage)
The final rails to the Depot's House track were finally pounded into place today, amongst much celebration and months of delays. The track was inaugurated with Murphy's Bakery goods reefer, which was followed by what turned out to be a giant pie fight. It seems that Mr. C. Howard accidently stumbled over a tie after being slapped on the back of his head by the foreman, his brother, a Mr. M. Howard. A Coconut creme pie recently obtained from the reefer by Mr. C. Howard accidently sailed through the air and landed in the face of the Mayor's wife, Mrs. Beasley. Mr Mayor thought this quite humorous, and was able, for the moment, to dodge some of the pie quickly removed by Mrs Beasley's attempt to clean her face. Unfortunately, Mrs. E. Rothskeller caught much of the flung pie fragments in her hair and right eye. Immediately, upon trying to aid Mr. C. Howard with further distribution of the celebatory pastries, her temper got the better of her when she tried to repay Mrs. Beasley's generous taste test with a lob of a blueberry creme pie, which was caught by our Mayor's face. Mr Mayor responded by distributing a Banana creme pie, over the head of Mrs E. Rothskeller, and into the bosom of Aunti Mae Wilkinson. Miss Wilkinson, known in the county fairs with her baking prowess, responded with a cherry creme tart surprise into Mr. B. Tannenbaumer's beard. At this point, chaos ensued and this reporter's notes became too covered in dough, creme, and various fruit fillings to remain legible.
In a related story, during the celebration, Constable Rackins was injured when an anvil accidentally landed on his head. The Constable was purportedly on the trail of some hooligans who have been breaking the peace during late hours near Rocky's Tavern. The constable was brought to the Salida D&RG hospital, and is now under the watchful care of a Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, and Dr. Howard.

View from the Checkerboard with Chauncy & Edgar
7 July 2007

"There's somethin' ya don't see everyday, Chauncy!"

"What's that Edgar?"

"A D&RGW work crew test runnin' a 1957 EMD SD-9 through a new switch and it's only 1926!"

"Why is that funny, Edgar?"

"Cuz it's almost noon, and that work crew hasn't been drinkin since almost 4 this mornin!"

D&RGW work crew on the job.

Crested Butte Expeditionary Force Invades Salida
5 July 2007, StevO Reporting

The Crested Butte exploritory party arrived at the Arkansas River bridge in Salida, expecting to find a track crew hard at work on the last of the connecting trackage. Instead, they were shocked to find what appeared to be a party. It seems that the SLMI management had provided alcoholic bervages to the track crew, and much fun and frolicking ensued.

D&RGW work crew men seen partying while supposedly on the job.
The serious members of the crew were seen throwing their arms up in the air and walking off the job. Joe, see walking off the job in his green shirt and overalls was heard to say, "These people that run the SLMI are a bunch of crooks. I heard that the president was last seem granting trackage rights to the Pennsy. "

Barry, seens throwing up his hands in disgust added, "I think they gave these guys booze to keep this line from running so the Pennsy can take over. Something's not right about this. I'm in the construction business, and I understand there's something movin' down in Cleora."

Joe closed by suggesting, "The SLMI is not a ancronym, its the railroad's name. 'The Slimey'. These guys are just slimey."

Joe and Barry decided to go to Cleora and see what was up.

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