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CF&I Monarch Operations
23 January 2010, R.J. Arbuckle, Esq., Reporting
The first train of the new year was seen spotting empties at the loading tracks for the tipple at Monarch last Saturday. D&RGW reported that the cars were requested by the President of the quarry, Mr. Slate, to check clearances and bent construction for the dump ramp extended over the tracks. D&RGW train crews operated Engine 492 with Chopper "Highball" Kirk at the throttle.


Note: Highball was docked one day's pay for not observing Rule #2!

Empties loaded onto
Empties Track #1
Re-railed Empties
pulled off Track #1
K-37 #492
testing clearances
Hal the Giant
dourly approves

CF&I Monarch Operations
1 January 2010, R.J. Arbuckle, Esq., Reporting
President of CF&I Monarch Operations, Oliver Wendall Slate, wishes a Happy New Year to everyone! Mr. Slate earlier announced the addition of another employee to Fred Flintstone's staff, another excavator by the name of one Mike Mulligan. Mulligan brings his famed shovel "Mary Ann", from back east to the wilds of Colorado. Mulligan, fresh off retirement, said he loved the outdoors but golf just wasn't his game. After his last big project in New York, Mary Ann had been dismantled into a boiler. But the diggin' bug got to 'em both, so after a rebuild of Mary Ann, Mike took heed of Horace Greeley's advice, to "Go west, young man!"
Mike said, "It is great to be working again, and I love Colorado. But I was getting sick of retirement, my buddies kept kidding me about my lousy golf game, everytime I hit another one!"

Fred Flintstone said", Mike is a great addition to our employees, his and Mary Ann's productivity records are world famous! We expect to produce at least 26 railroad cars of a lime per day now!

On a side note, the car shops in Salida are reportedly gearing up for making new gondolas. Recently laid off, the Howard crew have been recalled after completing the railwork in West Salida. "We are very excited about working with tools in our hands again, but we won't let that go to our heads!" said a happy Moe Howard.

CF&I Monarch Operations
8 February 2008, Mr. G. K. Myers, Esq., Reporting

With trackwork underway to Monarch, preparations are being made to reopen Colorado Fuel & Iron's Mine at Monarch. President and General Manager at Monarch, Oliver Wendall Slate, has started hiring new employees.

Mr. Slate lost no time in hiring a new foreman, a Mr. Fred Flintstone, who apparently has extensive rock quarrying experience, bringing a firm and heavy hand to the operation.

One of Flintstone's first handy man jobs was to get CF&I's old 1912 Federal "S" Dump Truck running, which he apparently did, since it was seen recently in town. Apparently, Mr. Flintstone is a resourceful, reliable fellow and will no doubt add a lot of color to the town of Monarch.

Oliver Slate
CF&I Quarry Monarch, CO

CF&I Dump
Repaired by Flintstone

CF&I Truck in Town
for Supplies

Flintstone in Early

Fred Flintstone
CF&I Quarry Monarch, CO

Marshall Pass Population Boom!
21 August 2007, Mr. G. K. Myers, Esq., Reporting

The first resident of Marshall Pass is about to "move in." Zeke the Sneak, has acquired a cabin from the A.J. Myers construction company, and will one day be relocating his cabin, which is temporarily sitting in Crested Butte.

"Yep, I found me some ore up on the pass and I'm a gonna be minin' right up north of them big snow sheds. I am waitin' on the Honorable H.Zimbelman Construction Company to build my mine head and tool house, right near there. ..." said Mr. Sneak. "Yep, I got my cabin at Crested Butte fer now, but that is only temporary, see, 'cuz there is just one problem livin up on Marshall Pass. There ain't no ground! Dang if I can get much minin' done fer awhile, but you just wait an' see! When the Good Lord sees to put some ground and good earth up there, I'll be diggin' and a livin' in it!

And Good Luck to you, Zeke!

Zeke's Cabin, awaiting shipment from Crested Butte to Marshall Pass, as soon as God creates earth there.

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