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Rolling Stock Easy Weathering
Rolling Stock Easy Weathering
by Gary Myers

    Truck Weathering - Time: Ten Minutes (2-Evenings)

  1. Remove & disassemble trucks.
  2. Carefully paint trucks and wheels with Floquil® Rail Tie Brown (not getting any on wheel rims, axle points, or inside journals where points go. I usually have to scrape paint off wheel rims with x-acto blade.) Make sure paint is mixed thoroughly. Although this paint is usually airbrushed, I hand paint to avoid getting paint on the areas mentioned.
  3. Paint most of all surfaces, allow to dry overnight, clean brush.
  4. Remix paint, finish clamped or held surfaces next day, clean brush.

    Car Weathering - Time: Five Minutes
  5. Wear a latex glove on the hand you use to hold the model and not leave finger prints.
  6. Use weathering brush (PBL® fiberglass brush or cheaper Caboose Hobbies™ brand, also available thru Micro-Mark™) to distress decals, by rubbing vertically from top to bottom of car, to give streaking in lettering to degree desired.
  7. Lay out a couple sheets of newspaper for a simple spray area if you don't have a spray booth.
  8. Give a quick shot of dull-cote (Testers® works) to ends, one side & roof (hold about 2' away, spray by pulses, ---just a very light coating, (not a continuous spray).
  9. Use an old craftsman kit box, large enough to act as a catcher for any weathering powders to spill into and collect, from the car you are holding in one hand while weathering.
  10. Use an old paint brush to apply dust colored Bragdon Enterprises® weathering powders, brushing briskly from bottom upwards, and horizontally along horizontal surfaces where dirt accumulates. Also upwards along vertical seams, edges of doors, etc. Brush briskly to cause enough friction to generate mild heat which activates adhesive in Bragdon® powders. Use care around delicate parts such as stirrups and grab irons.
  11. Don't forget car ends!
  12. Turn car around, do other side, give a quick shot of dull-cote over newspapers. Don't spray over powders in box.
  13. Use rust colors for roof and streak outwards perpendicular from roof center and down along door frame, concentrate in areas where rain would flow, partially down sides.
  14. Give 2-3 'shots' of dullcote again, to seal everything. Use sparingly. Dull-cote will diminish weathering look somewhat, so expect the weathering to look slightly heavier prior to final dull cote.
  15. Rinse out brush in water, close lid on box, use residual powders collected in box for another time.
  16. Throw away that latex glove and sheets of newspaper.

    Completion - Time: One Minute
  17. Reassemble wheels & trucks, re-attach to car.
  18. Place rolling stock on layout & enjoy!


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This page last modified 6 September 2007.