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Limestone Loads
Gondola Limestone Load Recipe using Spray-on Contact Cement
by Joe Snoy

This method is good for improving cheap plastic load inserts that are not very detailed - the cheaper and thinner the better. I recommend this method over Diluted White Glue as a bonding agent because the white glue gives the ballast an unnatural "yellow" cast and looks "clumpy."

  1. Remove the load insert from the gondola (this assumes the gondola came with an insert).
  2. If necessary, sand the bottom of the insert to make it make the profile thin - check the fit inside gondola.
  3. If necessary paint the insert gray similar to the color of the limestone.
  4. Spray the load insert liberally with Contact cement from a spray can.
  5. Immediately pour O Gauge size Limestone ballast over the insert load - pour liberally so you can't see any underlying plastic.
  6. Let dry for several hours.
  7. Lift limestone covered insert, turn upside down and shake off excess limestone ballast for reuse later.
  8. If edges are still tacky, let insert dry longer.
  9. Remove any limestone ballast from edges with sandpaper or file.
  10. Install load and enjoy!

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This page last modified 6 September 2007.