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Revised: 20 November 2004
Ratified: 1 June 2002

  1. The initiation fee shall be $35.00 for all members. This fee shall preferably be paid in total upon joining, and preclude dues for the first month.

  2. The dues shall be $15.00 per month for all members. Dues are due each month. Dues shall be considered in arrears as of the close of the last meeting of the month. Arrears in excess of three months are cause for loss of membership unless extended by the Board of Directors. The President shall also be Chairman of the Board.

  3. Regular members shall be employees of the company, employee family members or retired company employees. Charter members are original club members. Junior members are employee family members under 18 years old. Honorary members are deemed so by the Club as a result of some philanthropic gesture that benefits the club or the hobby of model railroading in general.

  4. The Board of Directors shall be composed of the elected club officers.

  5. Each member is expected to donate a minimum of four (4) items for use on the layout, or other donation in kind as approved.

  6. The club shall establish standards for the model railroad. All club owned equipment placed on the layout shall comply with these standards.

  7. Each member shall be responsible for adherence to standards of all his/her equipment on the layout and for the maintenance of the equipment.

  8. The club shall not be responsible for the personal property of the members. Members leaving personal property at the club do so at their own risk.

  9. Any structures, scenery or other equipment which is added or affixed to the club layout shall become club property.

  10. Junior members must be accompanied by a regular member at all times when at club facilities.

  11. Damage(s) to property shall be replaced (but not necessarily repaired) by the person responsible for the damage, if necessary. Failure to do so will result in action by the Board of Directors.

  12. All checks written on the club checking account will require the signature of the president or treasurer.

  13. All expenditures in totaling in excess of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) must be approved by the membership present at a regular meeting. Expenditures totaling less than fifty dollars must be approved by the Board of Directors.

  14. The Treasurer shall oversee all expenditures.

  15. Election of officers shall take place at a regular meeting each fall. There is no limit for number of terms.

  16. A member may offer his personally owned models/equipment for sale to the Club. If the club approves the purchase, the owner will be paid the agreed upon negotiated price by the club and the club inherits all property rights from the purchase.

  17. The President's duties/functions shall include: maintaining the integrity of the club, upholding the club's constitution and bylaws, overseeing club activities, helping coordinate activities, conducting club meetings, providing leadership to the club, acting as official representative of the club for Lockheed Martin Astronautics as well as the community, ensuring that an inventory of club property is maintained, and delegating tasks that are suited to the best interests of the club.

  18. The Treasurer's duties/functions shall include: collecting dues, maintaining the club bank accounts, and reimbursing purchases for the club (payable by check only to the purchaser for the amount of the purchase and an itemized account of the transaction shall be recorded), reporting the club treasury balance at regular meetings and keeping record of members' dues payments, acting for the President when the President is unavailable, itemizing expenditures by category, (e.g., dues, benchwork materials, scenery, library materials, operating expenses and so forth), presenting an annual report at the first regularly scheduled meeting in January which summarizes the previous years' finances and expenditures per category, and depositing all funds received for the club in a timely fashion (preferably the next business day - all cash received by the club shall be collected for deposit only).

  19. The Secretary's duties/functions shall include: recording minutes for each regular club meeting, arranging for club meeting notices to be placed in the Lockheed Martin Astronautics Newsletter and the Lockheed Martin Astronautics intercompany video news information service, maintaining records of previous meeting minutes, serving as librarian for the club library (assemble & maintain lists of donated and purchased materials provided from the club's members), and overseeing a signout log for materials borrowed from the library.
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