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Video Libary

Title Producer Duration Media Weasel
Around the Narrow Gauge CircleMachines of Iron1 hr DVDGaryM
Denver & Rio GrandeParamount Pictures90 min DVDGaryM
GunnisonMachines of Iron50 min DVDGaryM
The Gunnison Country: Through the Mists of TimeYesteryear Productions 30 minVHSGaryM
The Life & Times of General William Jackson PalmerPikes Peak Library District 1 hrDVDGaryM
Otto Perry's Rio Grande San Juan Express (Including "The Chili Line")Machines of Iron 50 minDVDGaryM
Railway Journeys The Vanishing Age of SteamMadacy Home Video 10 hrsDVDGaryM
Riding the Narrow Gauge in the 1950sGreg Scholl Video Production 1 hrDVDGaryM
Railroading with Rio GrandePentrex30 min VHSGaryM
Solidier Summit ReflectionsCharles Smiley1 hr 30 min DVDGaryM
Vintage Double Feature: The Royal Gorge * Trouble at TroublesomePentrex 40 minVHSGaryM

D&RGW Related Reference Books

Title Author Publisher Date Binding Weasel
A Century of Passenger TrainsJackson C. Thode HardboundGrantC*
A Century + Ten of D&RGW Narrow Gauge Freight Cars, 1871 To 1981Robert E. Sloan Library of Congress2000SpiralSLMI, GaryM
Always a Cowboy, Judge Wilson McCarthy and the Rescue of the D&GRWWill Bagley Utah State Univ Press2008HardboundGaryM
Cinders & SmokeDoris B. OsterwaldGolden Bell Press 1991SoftboundGaryM
Colorado Rail Annual No. 9, Galloping GeeseColorado Railroad MuseumColorado Railroad Museum HardboundSLMI
Colorado Rail Annual No. 17Colorado Railroad MuseumColorado Railroad Museum HardboundGaryM*
Colorado Rail Annual No. 18, Railroading in the Rockies a Half Century Ago Colorado Railroad MuseumColorado Railroad Museum1990 HardboundGaryM
Colorado Rail Annual No. 21, Robert W. Richardson's Narrow Gauge NewsColorado Railroad Museum Colorado Railroad Museum1994HardboundGaryM
Colorado Rail Annual No. 24, A Ticket to Ride the Narrow GaugeHerbert Danneman Colorado Railroad Museum2000HardboundGaryM
Colorado Rail Annual No. 25, Rio Grande Narrow Gauge VarnishHerbert Danneman Colorado Railroad Museum2003HardboundGaryM
Colorado Rail Annual No. 29, Black Smoke and White IronWilliam Reich Colorado Railroad Museum2008HardboundGaryM
Colorado Rail Annual No. 31, Colorado Railroad Water Tanks Colorado Railroad Museum20xxHardboundSLMI
The Colorado RoadF. Hol Wagner, Jr.-1970 HardboundGaryM*
Denver and Rio Grande Western - Color Pictorial Volume 1P. Allen Copeland- 2001HardboundGaryM*, StevO
Denver and Rio Grande Western Narrow Gauge Car PlansDonald J. Heimburger -1976SoftboundGaryM*, StevO
Denver and Rio Grande Western Narrow Gauge 1500-1899 Series High Side Gondolas Rick Blanchard & Tim MulinaBHI/Rail Systems2003Spiral GaryM
The Denver and Rio Grande Western RailroadRobert Athearn-1962 SoftboundGaryM
Denver and Rio Grande Western Superpower Railroad of the RockiesRobert A. LeMassena TLC Publishing1999HardboundGaryM*, StevO
Durango & SilvertonSam Furukawa Narrow Gauge Preservation Foundation2009HardboundGaryM*, StevO
D&RGW NG Work/Box Outfit CarsSteve Swanson & Mike Horner -2009SpiralGaryM
General Wm. Jackson Palmer (1936-1909) And the D. & R.G.W. Railroad!Judge Wilson B. McCarthy The Newcomen Society in North America1954PamphletGaryM
George L. Beam and the Denver & Rio Grande Volume IJackson C. Thode 1986HardboundGaryM*
Grande GoldJames S. Eakin-1989SoftboundGrantC*
Grande Mountains-1998SoftboundGrantC*
Heart of the Rockies - A History of the Salida Area--1980 PamphletGaryM*, JacobL
The Mudhens, A Photographic HistoryDennis O'BerryR.Robb, Ltd 1995SoftboundGaryM
Narrow Gauge in the RockiesLucius Beebe & Charles Clegg-1993 SoftboundGrantC*
Narrow Gauge LandJames S. Eakin-1982Softbound GrantC*
Narrow Gauge Pictorial Volume III, Gondolas, Boxcars and Flat Cars of the D&RGW Robert L. GrandtLibrary of Congress198-Softbound SLMI
Narrow Gauge Pictorial Volume IV, Refrigerator Cars, Stock Cars and Tank Cars of the D&RGW Robert L. GrandtLibrary of Congress1985Softbound GaryM
Narrow Gauge Pictorial Volume V, Cabooses of the D&RGWRobert L. Grandt Library of Congress1987SoftboundGaryM
Narrow Gauge Pictorial Volume VII, Work Equipment of the D&RGW, Lettered OA - OZ Robert L. GrandtLibrary of Congress1989Softbound GaryM*
Narrow Gauge Pictorial Volume XI, Locomotives of the D&RGWRobert L. Grandt Library of Congress1997SoftboundGaryM*
Narrow Gauge Transcontinental, Through Gunnison Country & Black Canon (Revisited) Gordon Chappell1971SoftboundGaryM*
Official Roster No. 11 of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad System
and the Rio Grande Southern Railroad Company 1923
Colorado Railroad MuseumColorado Railroad Museum1998Spiral GaryM
The Railroads of Coors FieldKenton H. ForrestColorado Railroad Museum 1995SoftboundGrantC*
Rails Thru The GorgeDoris B. OsterwaldWestern Guideways, Ltd 2003SoftboundSLMI, GaryM, TomG
Reflections on a Western Town - Crested ButteKelsey WirthOh-Be Joyful Press 1996SoftboundGaryM*
Rio Grande Car PlansRobert S. Wayner-1969Spiral GaryM*
Rio Grande, Color Guide to Freight and Passenger EquipmentJim Eager Morning Sun Books1996HardboundGaryM
Rio Grande Color Pictorial - Vol 1- 1996HardboundSLMI
Rio Grande Diesels - A Pictorial History, Volume IJoseph A. Strapac Shade Tree Books1983SoftboundGaryM
Rio Grande Diesels - A Pictorial History, Volume IIJoseph A. Strapac Shade Tree Books1984SoftboundGaryM
Rio Grande Diesels - A Pictorial History, Volume IIIJoseph A. Strapac Shade Tree Books1998SoftboundGaryM
Rio Grande Freight Traffic GuideKenton Forrest, Gene McKeever
& Charles Albi
Tramway Press1951SoftboundKentS*
Rio Grande in Color, Volume I - ColoradoRoss B. Greenwood-1992 HardboundSLMI
Rio Grande in Color, Volume III - ColoradoJames Sandarin-- HardboundSLMI
Rio Grande Mainline of the RockiesLucius Beebe & Charles Clegg- 1962HardboundGaryM*
Rio Grande Narrow GaugeJohn Norgood-1983 HardboundGrantC*
Rio Grande Memories- HardboundSLMI
Rio Grande RailroadJames R. GriffinMBI Publishing Company 2003HardboundGaryM, StevO, JoeS
Rio Grande Steam Locomotives - Standard Gauge--1981 HardboundGrantC*
Rio Grande Through The RockiesMike Danneman-2002 SoftboundGrantC*
Rio Grande Trackside with Jim Ozzment---2 HardboundSLMI
Rio Grande ... to the Pacific!Robert A. LeMassenaSundance 1974HardboundGaryM, StevO
Rocky Mountain Railroads, Volume II D&RGW: Durango to Alamosa and Salida Richard L. Dorman & Bob HaydenRD Publications II2005 HardboundGaryM
Scenic Line of the World and Black Canyon RevisitedGordon Chappell & Cornelius W. Hauck Colorado Railroad Museum1970HardboundGrantC*
To Santa Fe by Narrow Gauge, the D&RG's "Chili Line"Gordon Chappell Colorado Railroad Museum1969SoftboundGaryM*
Trails Among the Columbine, Gunnison Country--1989 HardboundGrantC*
Trails Among the Columbine, Marshall Pass--1990 HardboundGaryM*, JacobL
Trails Among the Columbine, Monarch Branch--1993/94 HardboundGaryM*
Trails Among the Columbine, Salida Colorado--1991/92 HardboundSLMI, JacobL
* On Loan to SLMI Library

Other Related Reference Books

Title Author Publisher Date Binding Weasel
Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, & Wyatt Earp - Their Colorado CareersE. Richard Churchill Western Reflections Publishing Company2005BookletGaryM
Early DenverJames BretzArcadia Press2012 SoftboundGaryM
Freight Terminals & TrainsJohn A.Droege A.C.Kalmbach Memorial Library2012HardboundGaryM
The Geared Locomotives of DunkirkDavid M. Hoffman-1979 SoftboundDeanK*
History of the Baldwin Locomotive Works--1923 SoftboundHalZ*
The Illustrated Book of Steam and RailColin Garratt & Max Wade-MatthewsBarnes & Noble Books2003 HardboundGaryM
The Iron Trail to the Golden SpikeJohn StewartMeadow Lark Press1994 HardboundGaryM
Great Train Robberies of the Old WestR. Michael WilsonMJF Books2007 HardboundGaryM
The Official Railway Equipment Register, of the United States, Canadian, and Mexican Railroads Association of American RailroadsThe Railway Equipment & Publication CO.1943 SoftboundGaryM
The Official Railway Equipment Register, of the United States, Canadian, and Mexican Railroads Association of American RailroadsThe Railway Equipment & Publication CO.1953 SoftboundGaryM
Ores to Metals, The Rocky Mountain Smelting Industry James E. FellThe Railway Equipment & Publication CO.University Press of Colorado2009 SoftboundGaryM
The Postwar Freight Car Fleet, North American Freight Car Designs from 1898 to 1947 Larry Kline and Ted CulottaA.C. Kalmbach Memorial Library2006 HardboundGaryM, TomG
Rails Around DenverAllen C. LewisArcadia Press2007 SoftboundGaryM
Railway and Track MaintenanceE.E.Russell Tratman A.C.Kalmbach Memorial Library2012HardboundSLMI, GaryM
Strange But True, Colorado Weird Tales of the Wild WestJohn Hafner Lone Pine Publications2005SoftboundGaryM
Three Little LinesJosie Moore CrumDurango Herald News 1960BookletGaryM
Train Wrecks, A Pictorial History of Accidents on the MainlineRobert C. Reed- -HardboundT.Dabbs*
Western Pacific Locomotives and CarsPatrick C. Dorin TLC Publishing, Inc.1998HardboundGaryM
Western Pacific Locomotives and Cars, Volume 2Patrick C. Dorin TLC Publishing, Inc.2006HardboundGaryM
* On Loan to SLMI Library; Red text = "missing"

General Model RR Reference Books

Title Author Date Binding Weasel
The ABC's of Model Railroading1978Softbound DeanK*
Association of American Railroad Scales1957Softbound HalZ*
Billboard Refrigerator CarsHendrickson & Kaminski2008Hardbound GaryM
Bridges and Buildings for Model Railroads1979Softbound DeanK*
Building Plastic Railroad Models1979Softbound DeanK*
Building Structures for your Garden RailwayJack Verducci 2010SoftboundGaryM*
The Complete Atlas Wiring Book1992Softbound GaryM*
The Complete Book of Model RailroadingDavid Sutton1964 HardboundGaryM*
Detailing Freight CarsJeff Wilson2007Softbound GaryM
The Digitrax Big Book of DCCJohn Palmer1999Softbound GrantC*
Easy to Build Electronic Projects for Model Railroaders1988 SoftboundGaryM*
Easy to Build Model Railroader Structures1958Softbound DeanK*
The Encyclopedia of Model RailroadsTerry Allen1979 HardboundGaryM*
HO Model Railroading1962PamphletDeanK*
HO Narrow Gauge Railroads You Can Build1984Softbound DeanK*
HO Primer Model Railroading For All1964Softbound DeanK*
How To Build Model Railroad Benchwork1979Softbound DeanK*
How To Build Your First Lionel Layout1994Softbound GaryM*
How to Design and Build your Garden RailwayJack Verducci 2006SoftboundGaryM
Jane's World Railways1986/87Hardbound Lockheed Martin*
The MDC Shay Book1997SoftboundGaryM*
Model Railroad Layout and Track Design----Softbound DeanK*
The Model Railroading Handbook, Volume I1975Softbound DeanK*
Popular Model Railroads You Can Build1979Softbound DeanK*
Practical Electronic Projects for Model Railroaders1974 SoftboundGaryM*
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia RP CYC 122005Softbound GaryM
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia RP CYC 142006Softbound GaryM
Scenery for Model Railroaders1958SpiralDeanK*
Scratchbuilding & Kitbashing Model Railroad Stations1978 SoftboundDeanK*
Shay - Modeler's Handbook1978SoftboundDeanK*
The Story of Joshua L. Cowan and His Lionel Train Company - All Aboard1981 SoftboundDeanK*
Track Plans for Model TrainsLinn H. Westcott1956 SoftboundDeanK*
Track Plans for Sectional Track1961Softbound GaryM*
Track Planning for Realistic OperationJohn Armstrong1979 SoftboundDeanK
Trackwork Handbook for Model Railroaders - First EditionPaul Mallery1977 SoftboundDeanK*
Trackwork Handbook for Model Railroaders - Third EditionPaul Mallery1994 SoftboundGaryM*
Tuning & Upgrading Athearn Locomotives1990Softbound GaryM*
101 Track Plans for Model RailroadersLinn H. Westcott1956 SoftboundDeanK*
101 Track Plans for Model RailroadersLinn H. Westcott1974 SoftboundDeanK*
* On Loan to SLMI Library; Red text = "missing"

Time Tables
Date Title Weasel
July 1915Denver & Rio Grande and Western Pacific TimetableGaryM
28 March 1920The D&RG Railroad Company Third Division, Employee's TimetableGaryM
Summer 1923Descriptive Time Tables, Denver and Rio Grande Western, Between Denver and Salt Lake and OgdenGaryM
Spring 1927Western Pacific, Denver and Rio Grande Western, "The Scenic Line of the World"GaryM
July-August 1928Burlington Route Time TablesGaryM
Spring 1936Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, "Thru the Rockies Not Around Them," Time TablesGaryM, AlexM
15 June 1941Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, "Thru the Rockies Not Around Them"GaryM, Tom
16 Nov 1941Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Time TablesNathanH
6 September 1942The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company, Alamosa Division, Time-Table No. 122GaryM
20 September 1946Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Time TablesGaryM
5 December 1948Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Time TablesGaryM
1 October 1949Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Time TablesGaryM
October 1950Rio Grande Time TablesGaryM
1 January 1951Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Time TablesGaryM
6 July 1952Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Time TablesNathanH
1 May 1956Rio Grande Time TablesGaryM
25 October 1959Timetable No. 168, D&RGW RR Company, Pueblo DivisionTomG
24 April 1960Timetable No. 146, D&RGW RR Company, Grand Junction DivisionGaryM
16 April 1961Timetable No. 1, D&RGW RR Company, Colorado DivisionGaryM
1 January 1977Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Company (2 Copies)TomF

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