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Video Libary

Title Producer Duration Media Member
 Around the Narrow Gauge Circle Machines of Iron 1 hr   DVD  GaryM
 Denver & Rio Grande Paramount Pictures 90 min   DVD GaryM
 Gunnison Machines of Iron 50 min  DVD GaryM
 The Gunnison Country: Through the Mists of Time Yesteryear Productions  30 min VHS GaryM
 The Life & Times of General William Jackson Palmer Pikes Peak Library District  1 hr DVD GaryM
 Otto Perry's Rio Grande San Juan Express (Including "The Chili Line")  Machines of Iron  50 min DVD GaryM
 Railway Journeys The Vanishing Age of Steam Madacy Home Video  10 hrs  DVD GaryM
 Riding the Narrow Gauge in the 1950s Greg Scholl Video Production   1 hr DVD GaryM
 Railroading with Rio Grande Pentrex 30 min  VHS GaryM
 Solidier Summit Reflections Charles Smiley 90 min  DVD GaryM
 Vintage Double Feature: The Royal Gorge * Trouble at Troublesome Pentrex  40 min VHS GaryM

D&RGW Related Reference Books

Title Author Publisher Date Binding Member
 A Century of Passenger Trains and Then Some Jackson C. Thode  Hardbound  GrantC*
 A Century + Ten of D&RGW Narrow Gauge Freight Cars, 1871 To 1981 Robert E. Sloan  Library of Congress 2000  Spiral SLMI, GaryM, KentS
 Always a Cowboy, Judge Wilson McCarthy and the Rescue of the D&GRW Will Bagley  Utah State Univ Press 2008 Hardbound GaryM
 America's Railroad: The Official Guide Book D&SNGRR  D&SNGRR   KentS
 Cinders & Smoke Doris B. Osterwald Golden Bell Press  1991 Softbound GaryM, KentS
 Colorado Ghost Towns Past & Present Robert Brown Caxton Press  2002 Softbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 1-7 Colorado Railroad Museum Colorado Railroad Museum  1972 Hardbound KentS, GaryM
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 8
 Scenic Line of the World
 Gordon Chappell Colorado Railroad Museum  Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 9
 Galloping Geese
 Colorado Railroad Museum Colorado Railroad Museum  Hardbound SLMI, KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 10 Cornelius Hauck Colorado Railroad Museum  1972 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 11 Stewart, Kindig
 Colorado Railroad Museum  1973 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 12
 South Park Line
 Chappell, Richardson
 Colorado Railroad Museum  1974 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 13
 Tivas Wilkens Colorado Railroad Museum  1976 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 14
 NG Byways San Juans
 Colorado Railroad Museum  Colorado Railroad Museum 1979 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 15 Cornelius Hauck Colorado Railroad Museum  1981 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 16
 Short Line to Cripple Creek
 Colorado Railroad Museum  Colorado Railroad Museum 1983 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 17 Colorado Railroad Museum Colorado Railroad Museum  1987 Hardbound GaryM, KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 18
 Railroading in the Rockies a Half Century Ago
 Colorado Railroad Museum Colorado Railroad Museum 1990  Hardbound GaryM, KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 19  Colorado Railroad Museum Colorado Railroad Museum 1991  Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 20
 Dreams, Visions and Visionaries
 Colorado Railroad Museum  Colorado Railroad Museum 1993 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 21
 Robert W. Richardson's Narrow Gauge News
 Colorado Railroad Museum  Colorado Railroad Museum 1994 Hardbound GaryM, KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 22
 Journeys Through Western Rail History
 Herbert Danneman  Colorado Railroad Museum 1997 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 23
 Santa Fe
 Forrest, Cooley, Albi  Colorado Railroad Museum 1998 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 24
 A Ticket to Ride the Narrow Gauge
 Herbert Danneman  Colorado Railroad Museum 2000 Hardbound GaryM, KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 25
 Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Varnish
 Herbert Danneman  Colorado Railroad Museum 2003 Hardbound GaryM, KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 26
 Stairway to the Stars
 Dan Abbott  Colorado Railroad Museum 2005 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 27
 Western Pacific
 David Myrick  Colorado Railroad Museum 2006 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 28
 Rio Grande
 Ronald Hill  Colorado Railroad Museum 2007 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 29
 Black Smoke and White Iron
 William Reich  Colorado Railroad Museum 2008Hardbound GaryM, KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 30
 Age of the Decapods
 LeMassena & Hollroth  Colorado Railroad Museum 2010 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 31
 Colorado Railroad Water Tanks
 William Reich  Colorado Railroad Museum 2012 Hardbound SLMI, KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 32 Gruber, Ryan, Forrest
 Colorado Railroad Museum 2012 Hardbound SLMI, KentS
 Colorado Rail Annual No. 33
 Rio Grande Standard Gauge Passenger Trains & Cars
 Davis & Danneman  Colorado Railroad Museum 2018 Hardbound GaryM, KentS, TomG
 The Colorado Road F. Hol Wagner, Jr. ---- 1970  Hardbound GaryM*
 Colorado's Joint Line
 A Railfan's Perspective
 Allan Clarke Flagstop Railbooks  2001 Softbound KentS
 Colorado's Mountain Railroads R.A. LeMassena Sundance Books  1984 Hardbound KentS
 Cumbres & Toltec Sam Furukawa Narrow Gauge Preservation
 2007 Hardbound KentS
 Denver and Rio Grande The Early Years Mallory Hope Ferrell White River Productions  2020 Hardbound GaryM
 Denver and Rio Grande Western - Color Pictorial Volume 1 P. Allen Copeland ----  2001 Hardbound GaryM*, StevO
 Denver and Rio Grande Western Depots
 Volume One - Colorado
 Carter & Carter-  2013 Softbound GaryM
 Denver and Rio Grande Western Depots
 Volume Two - Utah, Colorado and New Mexico
 Carter & Carter ----  2013 Softbound GaryM
 Denver and Rio Grande Western Narrow Gauge Car Plans Donald J. Heimburger  ---- 1976 Softbound GaryM*, StevO
 Denver and Rio Grande Western Narrow Gauge
 1500-1899 Series High Side Gondolas 
 Rick Blanchard & Tim Mulina BHI/Rail Systems 2003 Spiral  GaryM
 The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Robert Athearn -----1962  Softbound GaryM
 Denver and Rio Grande Western Superpower Railroad of the Rockies Robert A. LeMassena  TLC Publishing 1999 Hardbound GaryM*, StevO
 Denver's Railroads Forrest, Albi  Colorado Railroad Museum 1981 Hardbound KentS
 Durango & Silverton Sam Furukawa  Narrow Gauge Preservation
 2009 Hardbound GaryM*, StevO
 D&RGW NG Work/Box Outfit Cars Steve Swanson & Mike Horner  ----- 2009 Spiral GaryM, KentS
 The First Five Years of the Railroads
 in Colorado
 E.O. Davis  Sage Books 1948 Hardbound KentS
 General Wm. Jackson Palmer (1936-1909) And the D. & R.G.W. Railroad!  Judge Wilson B. McCarthy  The Newcomen Society
 in North America 
 1954 Pamphlet GaryM
 George L. Beam and the Denver & Rio Grande Volume I Jackson C. Thode  1987 Hardbound GaryM, KentS
 George L. Beam and the Denver & Rio Grande Volume II Jackson C. Thode  1989 Hardbound KentS
 Grande Gold James S. Eakin ----- 1989 Softbound  GrantC*, KentS
 Grande Mountains ----- 1998 Softbound GrantC*
 Guide to Photos of Narrow Gauge Locomotives
 & Cars Colorado
 Chris Pease -----  1982 Softbound KentS
 Heart of the Rockies - A History of the Salida Area ---- ----- 1980  Pamphlet GaryM*, JacobL 
 Historical Railroad Map of Colorado Rocky Mountain
 Railroad Club
 Rocky Mountain
 Railroad Club
 1913 Softbound KentS
 John Norwood's Railroads of Colorado John B. Norwood  Heimburger House
 1995 Softbound KentS
 Lettering Guide for Early Colorado
 Narrow Gauge Freight Railroads
 Fred B. Fletcher  Rocky Mountain Region, NMRA
 1977 Softbound GaryM, KentS
 Locomotives of the Rio Grande Colorado Railroad Museum  Johnson Publishing Co.
 1980 Softbound TomG, DanielS
 Logging Along the Denver & Rio Grande Gordon S. Chapelle  Colorado Railroad Museum
 1971 Hardbound KentS
 Marshall Pass Walter R. Borneman Century One Press  1980 Hardbound GaryM, KentS
 Men, Mining & Machines Walter R. Borneman Summit Historical Society  1996 Softbound KentS
 Mines Around Silverton Karin & Mark Vendl Arcadia Publishing  2015 Softbound KentS
 The Mudhens, A Photographic History Dennis O'Berry R.Robb, Ltd  1995 Softbound GaryM, KentS
 Narrow Gauge Country 1870 - 1970 Mallory Hope Ferrell  Heimburger House 2006 Hardbound KentS
 Narrow Gauge Data Book Sloane, Skowronski  NTrack Publishing 1989 Softbound KentS
 Narrow Gauge in the Rockies Lucius Beebe & Charles Clegg ----- 1993  Softbound GrantC*, KentS
 Narrow Gauge Land James S. Eakin ---- 1982 Softbound  GrantC*, KentS
 Narrow Gauge Pictorial Volume I
 Rio Grande Southern and D&RGW Motive Power
 Robert L. Grandt Library of Congress 1986 Softbound  KentS
 Narrow Gauge Pictorial Volume III
 Gondolas, Boxcars and Flat Cars of the D&RGW 
 Robert L. Grandt Library of Congress ---- Softbound  SLMI
 Narrow Gauge Pictorial Volume IV
 Refrigerator Cars, Stock Cars and Tank Cars of the D&RGW 
 Robert L. Grandt Library of Congress 1985 Softbound  GaryM
 Narrow Gauge Pictorial Volume V
 Cabooses of the D&RGW
 Robert L. Grandt  Library of Congress 1987 Softbound GaryM
 Narrow Gauge Pictorial Volume VII
 Work Equipment of the D&RGW, Lettered OA - OZ 
 Robert L. Grandt Library of Congress 1989 Softbound  GaryM
 Narrow Gauge Pictorial Volume X
 Numbered Work Cars of the D&RGW
 Robert L. Grandt  Library of Congress 1993 Softbound KentS
 Narrow Gauge Pictorial Volume XI
 Locomotives of the D&RGW
 Robert L. Grandt  Library of Congress 1997 Softbound GaryM
 Narrow Gauge Transcontinental,
  Through Gunnison Country & Black Canon (Revisited) 
 Gordon Chappell 1971 Softbound GaryM*
 Never on Wednesday Loveman, PatrickPTJ Publishing 1980 Softbound  KentS
 Official Roster No. 11 of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad System
 and the Rio Grande Southern Railroad Company 1923
 Colorado Railroad Museum Colorado Railroad Museum 1998 Spiral  GaryM
 Possible Alternatives to the Ophir Loop Donald Ray Grace Texas Technical College  1937 Softbound KentS
 The Railroads of Coors Field Kenton H. Forrest Colorado Railroad Museum   1995 Softbound GrantC*
 Rails Along the Foothills Richard F. Lind   1966 Softbound KentS
 Rails Around Helper SueAnn Martell Arcadia Publishing  2007 Softbound KentS
 Rails Thru The Gorge Doris B. Osterwald Western Guideways, Ltd  2003 Softbound SLMI, GaryM, TomG 
 Rails To The Rockies Gregory LePak Alpine Publishing, Ltd  1976 Hardbound GaryM, KentS
 Rebel of the Rockies Robert G. Athearn Yale University Press  1962 Hardbound KentS
 Reflections on a Western Town - Crested Butte Kelsey Wirth Oh-Be Joyful Press  1992 Softbound GaryM*
 Rio Grande Car Plans Robert S. Wayner ----  1969 Spiral KentS
 Rio Grande Chasing the Narrow Gauge Richard W. Richardson Heimburger House  2002 Hardbound KentS
 Rio Grande, Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment Jim Eager  Morning Sun Books 1996 Hardbound GaryM
 Rio Grande Color Pictorial - Vol 1 ----  1996 Hardbound SLMI
 Rio Grande Diesels - A Pictorial History, Volume I Joseph A. Strapac  Shade Tree Books 1983 Softbound GaryM
 Rio Grande Diesels - A Pictorial History, Volume II Joseph A. Strapac  Shade Tree Books 1984 Softbound GaryM
 Rio Grande Diesels - A Pictorial History, Volume III Joseph A. Strapac  Shade Tree Books 1998 Softbound GaryM
 Rio Grande Freight Traffic Guide Kenton Forrest, Gene McKeever
& Charles Albi 
 Tramway Press 1951 Softbound KentS*
 Rio Grande in Color, Volume I - Colorado Ross B. Greenwood Morning Sun Books 1992  Hardbound SLMI
 Rio Grande in Color, Volume III - Colorado James Sandarin Morning Sun Books ----  Hardbound SLMI
 Rio Grande in Color, Volume IV - Late Steam and First Generation Diesels Timothy Morris  Morning Sun Books 2008 Hardbound GaryM
 Rio Grande Mainline of the Rockies Lucius Beebe & Charles Clegg -----  1962 Hardbound GaryM*, KentS
 Rio Grande Memories John Norwood Heimburger House 1991  Hardbound KentS, SLMI
 The Rio Grande Pictorial McCoy & Collman Sundance Ltd 1971  Hardbound KentS
 Rio Grande Narrow Gauge John Norwood Heimburger House 1983  Hardbound GrantC*, KentS
 Rio Grande Narrow Gauge in Color Volume I Thomas A. Brunner Morning Sun Books  2005 Hardbound KentS
 Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Recollections John Norwood Heimburger House  1986 Hardbound KentS
 Rio Grande Narrow Gauge
 - The Final Years Alamosa to Chama
 Hereford, Jr., Robart  Heimburger House 1986 Hardbound KentS
 Rio Grande Railroad James R. Griffin MBI Publishing Company  2003 Hardbound GaryM, StevO, JoeS
 Rio Grande Steam Locomotives - Standard Gauge Donald Heimburger Heimburger House  1981 Hardbound GrantC*, KentS
 Rio Grande Through The Rockies Mike Danneman ----- 2002  Softbound GrantC*
 Rio Grande Trackside with Jim Ozzment ----- ---- ----  Hardbound SLMI
 Rio Grande ... to the Pacific! Robert A. LeMassena Sundance  1974 Hardbound GaryM, KentS, StevO
 Rio Grande's Narrow Gauge K-36 Locomotives Jerry B. Day White River Productions  2019 Hardbound KentS
 The Rio Grande's La Veta Pass Route Stephen Rasmussen Evergreen Press  2000 Hardbound KentS
 Rocky Mountain Railroads
 Volume II D&RGW: Durango to Alamosa and Salida
 Richard L. Dorman & Bob Hayden RD Publications II 2005  Hardbound GaryM, KentS
 Robert W. Richardson's Rio Grande
 Chasing the Narrow Gauge Volume II
 Robert W. Richardson Heimburger HouseI 2005  Hardbound GaryM, TomG
 Scenic Line of the World and Black Canyon Revisited Gordon Chappell & Cornelius W. Hauck  Colorado Railroad Museum 1970 Hardbound GrantC*
 Silver Rails: The Railroads of Leadville Colorado Christopher James  Sierra Grande Press 2015 Hardbound KentS
 Slim Gauge Cars Hal Carstens  Carstens Publications 1991 Softbound KentS
 Thirty Pound Rails Kelly Choda  Filter Press 1956 Softbound KentS
 Ticket to Toltec Doris Osterwald  Western Guideways Ltd 1976 Softbound KentS
 To Santa Fe by Narrow Gauge, the D&RG's "Chili Line"Gordon Chappell  Colorado Railroad Museum 1969 Softbound GaryM*
 Trails Among the Columbine, Gunnison Country - Sundance Publications 1989  Hardbound GrantC*, KentS
 Trails Among the Columbine,
 Calamet Branch
 Dick Dixon  Sundance Publications 1995
 Hardbound KentS
 Trails Among the Columbine,
 Creede, Lake City Branches of the D&RGW
 Ruhoff, Collman, Houston  Sundance Publications 1988 Hardbound KentS
 Trails Among the Columbine,
 Georgetown, Leadville
 Ruhoff, LaMassena, Coker  Sundance Publications 1985 Hardbound KentS
 Trails Among the Columbine, Marshall Pass Collman, LaMassena & Ruhoff  Sundance Publications 1990 Hardbound GaryM*, JacobL, KentS, TomG 
 Trails Among the Columbine, Monarch Branch McDowel, Collman Sundance Publications  1993
 Hardbound GaryM*, KentS
 Trails Among the Columbine, Salida Colorado Russ Collman Sundance Publications 1991
 Hardbound SLMI, JacobL, KentS
 Trails Among the Columbine,
 San Juan Extension of the D&RGW
 Ruhoff, LaMassena, Coker  Sundance Publications 1987 Hardbound KentS
 Trails Among the Columbine,
 Silverton & the San Juans
 Meyers, Stott, Nossman
 & Ruhoff
 Sundance Publications 1986 Hardbound KentS
 Twilight on the Narrow Gauge Frederick A. Kramer  Quadrant Press 1976 Softound KentS
 Vanishing Varnish Gregory LePak Alpine Publishing 1978  Hardbound GaryM
 William Henry Jackson's Rocky Mountain Railroad Album William Henry Jackson Sundance Publishing  1976 Hardbound GaryM
* On Loan to SLMI Library

Other Related Reference Books

Tom & Denise KlingerNewell & Griswold
Title Author Publisher Date Binding Member
 Abraham Lincoln's World Thomas Crump  British Library 2009 Hardbound  GaryM
 The Alpine Tunnel Story Bob Griswold  Sherm Conners Publishing Co 2003 Softbound KentS
 American Refrigerator Transit Maher, Michels & Semon  Signature Press 2017 Hardbound GaryM, DanielS
 ATSF Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment Lloyd E. Stagner  Morning Sun Books, Inc 1995 Hardbound TomG, GaryM
 Basalt: A Colorado Midland Town Clarence & Ralph Danielson  Pruett Publishing Co 1965 Hardbound KentS
 Big Boy William Kratville  William Kratville 2004 Hardbound KentS
 Billboard Refrigerator Cars Hendrickson & Kaminski   2008 Hardbound GaryM
 Brooks Locomotive Works Dunkirk NY USA Frederick H Stevens  Brooks Locomotive Works 1899 Hardbound KentS
 Burlington Bulletin No. 42 - Exposition Flyer Schultz & Wagner  Burlington Route Historical Society 2003 Softbound GaryM
 The Challenger Locomotives William Kratville  William Kratville 1980 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Central Railroad Abbott, McCoy & Mcleod  Sundance Publications 2007 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado Midland Morris Cafky  Rocky Mountain Railroad Club 1965 Hardbound KentS
 A Colorado Midland Guide and Data Book Edward McFarland  Pruett Publishing Co 1980 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado & Southern Northern Division Eherbberger & Geschwind  E&G Publications 1966 Hardbound KentS
 Colorado & Southern Railway:
 Clear Creek Narrow Gauge
 Alan C. Lewis  Arcadia Publishing 2004 Softbound KentS
 Cripple Creek Railroads Leland Feitz  Little London Press 1968 Softbound KentS
 The Cripple Creek Roads Edward M. McFarland  Pruett Publishing 1984 Hardbound KentS
 The Crystal River Pictorial McCoy & Collman  Sundance 1972 Hardbound KentS
 C&S Clear Creek Memories & Then Some A  Tom Klinger 2016 Hardbound KentS
 C&S High Line Memories & Then Some Tom & Denise Klinger  Johnson Printing 2004 Hardbound KentS
 C&S Platte Canyon Memories & Then Some Tom & Denise Klinger  Johnson Printing 2007 Hardbound KentS
 C&S South Park's Gunnison Division Memories & Then Some Tom & Denise Klinger  Walsworth Printing 2012 Hardbound KentS
 C&S NG - Colorado & Southern Narrow Gauge Mallory Hope Ferrell  Pruett Publishing Co 1981 Hardbound KentS
 David Moffat's Denver Northwestern & Pacific Bob Griswold  Rocky Mountain Railroad Club 1995 Hardbound KentS
 Denver South Park & Pacific - Memorial Edition M.C. Poor  Rocky Mountain Railroad Club 1976 Hardbound KentS
 Denver's Street Railways Volume I 1871-1900 Robertson, Cafky & Haley  Sundance Publications 1999 Hardbound KentS
 Denver's Street Railways Volume II 1901-1950 Robertson, Cafky & Haley  Sundance Publications 2004 Hardbound KentS
 Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, & Wyatt Earp
- Their Colorado Careers
 E. Richard Churchill  Western Reflections Publishing Company 2005 Booklet GaryM
 Early Denver James Bretz Arcadia Press 2012  Softbound GaryM
 Freight Terminals & Trains John A.Droege  A.C.Kalmbach Memorial Library 2012 Hardbound GaryM
 The Geared Locomotives of Dunkirk David M. Hoffman - 1979  Softbound SLMI
 The Giant's Ladder: David Moffat and His Railroad Harold A. Boner Kalmbach Publishing  1962 Hardbound KentS
 The Gilpin Gold Train Mallory Hope Ferrell Pruett Publishing  1970 Hardbound KentS
 Goin' Railroading Robertson, Speas & Coel  University Press of Colorado 2003 Softbound KentS
 The Gold Camp Road:
 The Short Line to Cripple Creek and Victor
 Doris Wolfe  Doris Wolfe 1988 Softbound KentS
 Great Train Robberies of the Old West R. Michael Wilson MJF Books 2007  Hardbound GaryM
 The Great Yellow Fleet John H. White Golden West Books 1986  Hardbound GaryM, TomG 
 Historic Alpine Tunnel Dow Helmers  Osage Books, The Swallow Press 1971 Hardbound KentS
 History of the Baldwin Locomotive Works - - 1923  Softbound SLMI
 History of the Union Pacific Cahill & Piade  Crescent Books, Crown Publishers 1989 Hardbound KentS
 The Illustrated Book of Steam and Rail Colin Garratt &
  Max Wade-Matthews
 Barnes & Noble Books  2003 Hardbound GaryM
 The Iron Trail to the Golden Spike John Stewart Meadow Lark Press 1994  Hardbound GaryM
 Locomotive Cyclopedia 1941 Association of
 American Railroads
 Simmons-Boardman Publishing 1941 Hardbound KentS
 The Mineral Belt Volume I
 Old South Park Denver to Leadville
 David S. Digerness  Sundance Publications 1977 Hardbound KentS
 The Mineral Belt Volume II
 Old South Park Across the Great Divide
 David S. Digerness  Sundance Publications 1978 Hardbound KentS
 The Mineral Belt Volume III
 Georgetown-Mining-Colorado Central
 David S. Digerness  Sundance Publications 1982 Hardbound KentS
 Missouri Pacific Lines Freight Train Services and Equipment Patrick C. Dorin  TLC Publishing 2001 Hardbound GaryM
 The Moffat Tunnel Albi, Forrest  Colorado Railroad Museum 2002 Softbound KentS
 Motive Power of the Union Pacific Kratville & Ranks  Barnhart Press 1960 Hardbound KentS
 Narrow Gauge East of Denver Krat  Pruett Publishing 1982 Softbound KentS
 The Official Pullman - Standard Library, Vol 15 Western Roads Randall & Anderson  RPC Publications 1994 Softbound GaryM
 Official Guide of the Railways October 1937 A.J. Burns  National Railway Publications 1937 Softbound KentS
 The Official Railway Equipment Register, of the United States,
 Canadian, and Mexican Railroads
 Association of American
 The Railway Equipment & Publication CO. 1943  SoftboundGaryM
 The Official Railway Equipment Register, of the United States,
 Canadian, and Mexican Railroads
 Association of American
 The Railway Equipment & Publication CO. 1953  Softbound GaryM
 Ores to Metals, The Rocky Mountain Smelting Industry  James E. Fell University Press of Colorado 2009  Softbound GaryM
 Pacific Fruit Express Thompson, Church & Jones  Signature Press 2000 Hardbound GaryM, TomG
 The Phantom Canyon Wolfe & McFarland Graphics West 1990  Softbound KentS
 The Postwar Freight Car Fleet, North American Freight Car
  Designs from 1898 to 1947
 Larry Kline and Ted Culotta  A.C. Kalmbach Memorial Library 2006  Hardbound GaryM, TomG
 Railroads of Northern Colorado Kenneth Jessen  Pruett Publishing 1982 Hardbound KentS
 Rails Around DenverAllen C. Lewis Arcadia Press 2007  Softbound GaryM
 Rails Around Gold Hill Morris Cafky Rocky Mountain Railroad Club 1955  Hardbound KentS
 Rails That Climb Edward Bollinger Colorado Railroad Museum 1979  Hardbound KentS
 Railway and Track Maintenance E.E.Russell Tratman  A.C.Kalmbach Memorial Library 2012 Hardbound SLMI, GaryM
 Railway Prototype Cyclopedia RP CYC 5 Wider & Hawkins Edwin D. Hawkins  2000 Softbound GaryM, TomG
 Railway Prototype Cyclopedia RP CYC 7 Wider & Hawkins Edwin D. Hawkins  2002 Softbound GaryM, TomG
 Railway Prototype Cyclopedia RP CYC 12 Wider & Hawkins Edwin D. Hawkins  2005 Softbound GaryM, TomG
 Railway Prototype Cyclopedia RP CYC 14 Wider & Hawkins Edwin D. Hawkins  2006 Softbound GaryM, TomG
 Railway Prototype Cyclopedia RP CYC 20 Wider & Hawkins Edwin D. Hawkins  2018 Softbound GaryM, TomG
 Refrigerator Car Color Guide Gene Green  Morning Sun Books, Inc 2005 Hardbound GaryM
 The Rainbow Route - An Illustrated History Sloane & Skowronski  Sundance Ltd 1975 Hardbound KentS
 Riches to Rust Karl Zimmermann Quadrant Press 1987  Softbound KentS
 The Rio Grande Southern Railroad Josie Moore Crum San Juan History Inc 1961  Hardbound KentS
 The RGS Story Volume 1
 Over the Bridges... Ridgeway to Telluride
 McCoy & Collman  Sundance Publications 1990 Hardbound KentS
 The RGS Story Volume 2
 Telluride, Pandora & the Mines Above
 McCoy & Collman  Sundance Publications 1991 Hardbound KentS
 The RGS Story Volume 3
 Over the Bridges... Vance Junction to Ophir
 McCoy, Collman & Graves  Sundance Publications 1993 Hardbound KentS
 The RGS Story Volume 4
 Over the Bridges... Ophir Loop to Rico
 McCoy, Collman & Graves  Sundance Publications 1994 Hardbound KentS
 The RGS Story Volume 5
 Rico & the Mines
 McCoy, Collman & Graves  Sundance Publications 1996 Hardbound KentS
 The RGS Story Volume 6
 Rico to Dolores
 McCoy & Collman  Sundance Publications 1997 Hardbound KentS
 The RGS Story Volume 7
 Dolores and McPhee
 Cook, McCoy & Collman  Sundance Publications 1998 Hardbound KentS
 The RGS Story Volume 8
 Over the Bridges ... Dolores to Mancos
 Cook, McCoy & Collman  Sundance Publications 2000 Hardbound KentS
 The RGS Story Volume 9
 Over the Bridges ... Grady to Durango
 Cook, McCoy & Collman  Sundance Publications 2001 Hardbound KentS
 The RGS Story Volume 10
 Over the Bridges... Ridgeway to Durango
 McCoy & Collman  Sundance Publications 2003 Hardbound KentS
 The RGS Story Volume 11
 Durango & the Perins Peak Branch
 McCoy & Collman  Sundance Publications 2005 Hardbound KentS
 The RGS Story Volume 12
 Locomotives & Rolling Stock
 McCoy, Collman, Ehernberger & Bradford  Sundance Publications 2006 Hardbound KentS
 Santa Fe Streamliners Eric Twitty Western Reflections Publishing 2005  Softbound KentS
 Sherman Hill Ehernberger & Gschwind E.G. Publications 1973  Softbound KentS
 Silver San Juan The Rio Grande Southern Mallory Hope Ferrell  Pruett Publishing 1973 Hardbound KentS, GaryM
 Smoke over the Divide Ehernberger & Gschwind  E.G. Publications 1965 Hardbound KentS
 The South Park Line Mallory Hope Ferrell  Colorado Railroad Museum 2003 Hardbound KentS
 Stock Car Cyclopedia Volume I Robert Hundman Softbound TomG
 Strange But True, Colorado Weird Tales of the Wild West John Hafner  Lone Pine Publications 2005 Softbound GaryM
 Sugar Tramp: Colorado's Great Western Railway Gary Morgan  Centenial Publications 1975 Hardbound KentS
 Sugar Tramps Desk Book James Lyon  Sugar Tramp Press 1963 Softbound KentS
 The Switzerland Trail of America Forrest Crosenl  Pruett Press 1962 Hardbound KentS
 Three Little Lines Josie Moore Crum Durango Herald News  1960 Booklet GaryM
 Tracing the Denver South & Pacific Robert K. Bain ---  1994 Softbound KentS
 Union Pacific 100 Years in Colorado R.A. LaMemassena Hotchkiss and Nelson  1967 Softbound KentS
 Union Pacific 2002-2003 Locomotive Directory Paul K. Withers Withers Publishing  2002 Softbound KentS
 Union Pacific 3985 Botkin, Hill, Kindig Colorado Railroad Museum  1985 Softbound KentS
 Union Pacific Cheyenne West - Part 1 Wesley Fox Fox Publications  1996 Hardbound KentS
 Union Pacific Railroad Brian Soloman Andover Junction Publications  2000 Hardbound KentS
 Union Pacific Small Steam Power Watson & Wagner Motive Power Services  1985 Softbound KentS
 Union Pacific Steam Big Boy Portraits Bush & Ehernberger Challenger Press  1996 Softbound KentS
 Western Pacific Color Guide to Freight and Passenger
 Jim Eager  Morning Sun Books 2001 Hardbound GaryM
 Western Pacific Locomotives and Cars Patrick C. Dorin  TLC Publishing, Inc. 1998 Hardbound GaryM
 Western Pacific Locomotives and Cars, Volume 2 Patrick C. Dorin  TLC Publishing, Inc. 2006 Hardbound GaryM
 Yellowstone Branch of the Union Pacific Thornton Waite Brueggenjohann/Reese Inc  1999 Softbound KentS
* On Loan to SLMI Library

General Model RR Reference Books

Title Author Date Binding Member
 ABC's of Building Model Railroad Cars Wayne & Mary
 1985   Softbound  KentS
 The ABC's of Model Railroading 1978  Softbound   SLMI
 Association of American Railroad Scales 1957 Softbound  SLMI
 Basic Model Railroad Benchwork Jeff Wilson 2002 Softbound  KentS
 Bridges and Buildings for Model Railroads 1979 Softbound  SLMI
 Building Plastic Railroad Models 1979 Softbound  SLMI
 Building Structures for your Garden Railway Jack Verducci  2010 Softbound GaryM* 
 The Classic Layout Designs of John ArmstrongJohn Armstrong 2001 Softbound  KentS
 The Complete Atlas Wiring Book 1992 Softbound  GaryM*
 The Complete Book of Model Railroading David Sutton 1964  Hardbound GaryM*
 Detailing Freight Cars Jeff Wilson 2007 Softbound  GaryM
 The Digitrax Big Book of DCC John Palmer 1999 Softbound  GrantC*
 Easy to Build Electronic Projects for Model Railroaders 1988  Softbound GaryM*
 Easy to Build Model Railroader Structures 1958 Softbound  SLMI
 The Encyclopedia of Model Railroads Terry Allen 1979  Hardbound GaryM*, KentS
 Frank Ellison on Model Trains Frank Ellison 1954 Hardbound  KentS
 Greenberg's American Flyer Factory Manual R.D. Smith &
 I.D. Smith
 1988  Hardbound  KentS
 Greenberg's Guide to Lionel
 Prewar Parts & Instruction Sheets
 Osterhoff & Weaver 1987  Softbound  KentS
 Greenberg's Guide to Lionel Trains
 1945 - 1969 Volume I Motive Power/td>
 Paul Ambrose 1996  Softbound  KentS
 Greenberg's Guide to Lionel Trains
 1945 - 1969 Volume VI Accessories
 Alan Stewart 2001  Softbound  KentS
 Greenberg's Lionel Modern Era
 Diagrams & Part Lists
 Cindy Lee Floyd 1992  Softbound  KentS
 HO Model Railroading 1962 Pamphlet SLMI
 HO Narrow Gauge Railroads You Can Build 1984 Softbound  SLMI
 HO Primer Model Railroading For All 1964 Softbound  SLMI
 How To Build Model Railroad Benchwork Linn Westcott 1979 Softbound  SLMI, KentS 
 How To Build Your First Lionel Layout 1994 Softbound  GaryM*
 How to Design and Build your Garden Railway Jack Verducci  2006 Softbound GaryM
 Industries Along the Tracks 2 Jeff Wilson 2006 Softbound GaryM*
 Industries Along the Tracks 3 Jeff Wilson 2008 Softbound GaryM*
 Jane's World Railways 1986
 Hardbound  SLMI
 Lionel Standard of the World-2nd Edition TCA Lionel Committee 1989 Hardbound  KentS
 The Locomotive Up To Date - Revised Edition Chas. McShane 1920 Hardbound  KentS
 The MDC Shay Book 1997 Softbound GaryM*
 Livestock & Meatpacking Jeff Wilson 2013 Softbound GaryM*
 Model Railroad Bridges & Trestles Model Railroader 1998 Softbound  KentS
 Model Railroad Layout and Track Design ---- Softbound  SLMI
 Model Railroader's Guide
 to Bridges & Trestles
 Jeff Wilson 2005 Softbound  KentS
 The Model Railroading Handbook, Volume I Robert Schleicher 1975 Softbound  SLMI
 The Model Railroading Handbook, Volume II Robert Schleicher 1975 Softbound  KentS
 Model Railroading with John Allen Linn Westcott 1981 Softbound  KentS
 One Thousand Pointers for Machinists
 & Engineers
 Chas McShane 1897 Hardbound  KentS
 Passenger Equipment & Operation Andy Sperandeo 2006 Softbound GaryM*
 Popular Model Railroads You Can Build 1979 Softbound  SLMI
 Practical Electronic Projects for Model Railroaders 1974  Softbound GaryM*
 Practical Railroading Volume 1Oscar Schmidt 1913 Hardbound  KentS
 Realistic Model Railroad Design Tony Koester 2004 Softbound  KentS
 Realistic Modeling for Toy Trains Dennis Brennan 2009   KentS
 Scenery for Model Railroaders Bill McClanahan 1958 Spiral SLMI, KentS
 Scratchbuilding & Kitbashing Model Railroad Stations 1978  Softbound SLMI
 Shay - Modeler's Handbook 1978 Softbound SLMI
 Space-Saving Industries for your Layout Tony Koester 2016 Softbound GaryM*
 Steam Locomotive Projects & Ideas John Pryke 2003 Softbound GaryM*
 The Story of Joshua L. Cowan and His Lionel Train Company - All Aboard 1981  Softbound SLMI
 Track Planning for Realistic Operations John Armstrong 1998  Softbound KentS
 Track Plans for Model Trains Linn H. Westcott 1956  Softbound SLMI
 Track Plans for Sectional Track 1961 Softbound  GaryM*
 Track Planning for Realistic Operation John Armstrong 1979  Softbound SLMI
 Trackwork Handbook for Model Railroaders - First Edition Paul Mallery 1977  Softbound SLMI
 Tuning & Upgrading Athearn Locomotives 1990 Softbound  GaryM*
 101 Track Plans for Model Railroaders Linn H. Westcott 1956  Softbound SLMI
 101 Track Plans for Model Railroaders Linn H. Westcott  1974  Softbound SLMI
* On Loan to SLMI Library

Time Tables
Date Title Member
 July 1915 Denver & Rio Grande and Western Pacific Timetable GaryM
 28 March 1920 The D&RG Railroad Company Third Division, Employee's Timetable GaryM
 Summer 1923 Descriptive Time Tables, Denver and Rio Grande Western, Between Denver and Salt Lake and Ogden  GaryM
 Spring 1927 Western Pacific, Denver and Rio Grande Western, "The Scenic Line of the World" GaryM
 July-August 1928 v Burlington Route Time Tables GaryM
 Spring 1936 Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, "Thru the Rockies Not Around Them," Time Tables GaryM, AlexM 
 15 June 1941 Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, "Thru the Rockies Not Around Them" GaryM, TomG
 16 Nov 1941 Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Time Tables SLMI
 6 September 1942 The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company, Alamosa Division, Time-Table No. 122 GaryM
 20 September 1946 Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Time Tables GaryM
 30 May 1948 Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Time Tables GaryM
 5 December 1948 Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Time Tables GaryM
 1 October 1949 Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Time Tables GaryM
 October 1950 Rio Grande Time Tables GaryM
 1 January 1951 Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Time Tables GaryM
 1 June 1951 Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Time Tables GaryM
 6 July 1952 Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Time Tables SLMI
 1 May 1956 Rio Grande Time Tables GaryM
 25 October 1959 Timetable No. 168, D&RGW RR Company, Pueblo Division TomG
 24 April 1960 Timetable No. 146, D&RGW RR Company, Grand Junction Division GaryM
 16 April 1961 Timetable No. 1, D&RGW RR Company, Colorado Division GaryM
 1 January 1977 Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Company (2 Copies) SLMI

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