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Scenic Line Modelers, Inc

Membership Obligations

  • Membership*: $35 payment (includes $20 initiation + $15 first month's dues)

  • Dues: $15 per member per month

  • Contribution: 4 assembled, painted & decaled freight or passenger cars, preferably Denver & Rio Grande circa 1920s; HOn3 gondolas, work cars, box cars, stock cars, passenger, and HO gondolas, reefers, box cars.

    Rolling Stock most needed:
    Narrow Gauge High Sided Gondolas
    Standard Gauge Drop Bottom Gondolas

  • Attendance: Show up as often as you want, during regular meetings or in between!

  • Projects: Work on whatever area of interest you want!

  • Enjoy: Have fun as much as you can!

  • *Lapses in dues/attendance: Haven't been able to spend time at the club in a long time, just pay inititiation and start paying dues again!

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Page last modified 1 July 2006.