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Scenic Line Modelers, Inc

Membership Obligations

  • Membership: $35 payment (includes $20 initiation + $15 first month's dues)
    Lapses in dues/attendance (> 1 year): Pay initiation again and re-start paying dues

  • Dues: $15 per member per month Since we are a 100% NMRA club, your dues will be credited toward the base NMRA annual membership fee
    (currently $47/year), therefore, your NMRA dues are included as a portion of club dues. IF you are
    already an NMRA member, this equates to slightly more than 3 months of pre-paid dues.

  • Rolling Stock Contribution: Any combination of four (4) Narrow Gauge or Standard Gauge freight or passenger cars
    Appropriate prototype (or reasonable facsimile - since most D&RGW prototypes do not exist)
    Appropriate era (1926 - 1955)
    Metal wheels, Kadee couplers (#714/NG, #58/SG)
    Cars can be ready-to-run, kit or scratchbuilt, new or used condition.
    Cars should be in finished condition - (not kit in a box, unassembled, unpainted or unlettered)
    Cars should operate reliably (approximate weight, couple, not lean, not derail, etc.)
    Cars should include all typical manufactured parts (brake wheels, doors, roof walks, ladders, etc). (
    Time limit for contribution - NONE.

    Rolling Stock most needed:
    Narrow Gauge: High Sided Gondolas (early herald), box cars (early herald)
    Standard Gauge: Pre-war boxcars, pre-war stock cars

  • Attendance: Attendance not required, everyone attends as often as they like.
    Members often visit on their own hours to accomplish work or visits.

  • Projects: Work is accomplished collaberatively either as a team or individual projects.
    The club owns the layout as a whole and changes can be made democratically (to anyone's work).
    Members are encouraged to contribute their skillset on the most prioritized areas.
    Scenes/scenery projects are expected to follow club layout themes.

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Page last modified 10 October 2018.