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Desert Springs & Rattler Gap
Outdoor Railroad
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I for one, as a kid growing up in the 1950's, never dreamed
of making it alive to the change of the millennium.
This site is about the 1/24 scale Outdoor Railroad,
that I'm building in my back yard.
I hope you enjoy your visit!
has just enjoyed it's third birthday as of
12 Feb. 2000
I live in the North-West Nevada Desert.
My yard was sage and sand when I moved here.
The sage was cut down, the sand moved around
to fit my needs, and tons of lava rock was collected
from out in the desert, and hauled in for use on the
railroad. Not one rock you will see in the photos,
was here when I bought the place.
If  you came in by stage, you can now ride the rails.
The ride will be much smoother, and not near as
much dust. And not likely to be robbed !
As you travel down the many tracks on this page.
 You can view photos of the construction, from
the beginning, to the latest area worked on.
And some of the future areas to be worked on.
You can read a ficticious History that I wrote
about my Outdoor Railroad.
I have photos of buildings and other
structures I have built from scratch, or kits.
I included photos of rolling stock that has
been built from scratch or kits.
The plants were not forgotten, I made a
section just for them.
9 trestles were built, Photos of them are here
for your viewing pleasure.
The Engines were bashed and painted.
Each one is battery powered and has RC
installed in the tenders.
Then, I have many photos of my trains!
On trestles, in cuts, and at water tanks.
I even have photos of near finished sections
and some detail I'm adding along the way.
Plus I have links to various places I hope
will be of interest and/or help to you.

My web site is now on my own domain.
Here is my new URL
OR the
This Site will not be updated !
Click on Switch Stand
To the "Switching Yard"
23 July. 2002
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