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[TTC 416]

416 was manufactured by the Ottawa Car Company in 1925 for the Hydro Electric Railways as part of a 19 car order, 401-419. They were double ended standard gauge cars. Cars 401-408 and 417-419 were sent to Windsor to work on the Sandwich, Windsor & Amherstburg Railway. 409-416 toiled on the Port Credit line (Mimico Division) which operated from Sunnyside to Port Credit.

Their stay on the Mimico Division was short lived. 1928 was the last year of standard gauge (4' 8-1/2") operation of this line. The travelling public had to change cars from the Port Credit cars at Sunnyside to city cars. The Port Credit line was re-built to city gauge (4' 10-7/8") and double tracked.

The Toronto Transportation Commission was given custody of cars 409-416. They were soon re-gauged to the Toronto gauge, converted to single end use, and worked primarily on Bathurst Street out of Wychwood car house.

After the abandonment of the Lake Simcoe line in 1930, the municipalities of Vaughan, Richmond Hill, North York, and Markham demanded a resumption of electric railway service. The townships and villages purchased the line and contracted the TTC to operate the line. The TTC didn't have to look far for suitable cars for this service. Some three months after the Lake Simcoe line abandonment, 409-416, restored to their original double end condition, were sent to Eglington car house and operated from Glen Echo (City Limits) to Richmond Hill. This service resumed on July 17, 1930 and continued until 1949 when the electric cars were permanently replaced by buses. The cars were then put into storage and later scrapped or sold. 416 was sold and was moved to Hillsburg (Ontario), where it was used as a dwelling for many years.

The founders of the Ontario Electric Railway Historical Association kept track of the car and made their interest known to the owner. In 1972, the owner no longer had any use for the dwelling, and 416 was offered to the OERHA who gratefully accepted it. 416 was then moved to the Halton County Radial Railway museum at Milton, Ontario.

Restoration soon commenced on the car and it operated at the museum for a short time. It was then sidelined pending a more extensive restoration effort. Other projects took both financial and labour resources leaving 416 wanting.

The Halton County Radial Railway museum is planning to return car 4 1 6, better known as four sixteen, to active service to help celebrate their Jubilee. Barring an unforeseen catastrophe with the regular operating fleet, three years and $20,000.00 will have 416 in regular service for their 50th anniversary. The museum has the facilities and skills required to restore 416 to first class operating condition. 416 is one of the cars at the museum that draws a lot of attention, and comment from people who remember riding the cars on the North Yonge Line. With your help, we can all enjoy the experience of riding 416.

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